Could GameStop & AMC Pumps Spark a New Meme Coin Season?

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GameStop and AMC, two stocks favored by Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets community, came roaring to life this week with nearly 3x gains in their respective stock prices. While the rally is already fizzling, it could be just the start of a broader meme season. Crypto traders are lining up for renewed action in the meme coin market, hoping that 2024 will play out just like 2021—pumps in $GME and $AMC followed by pumps in major meme coins. 

So, can the frenzy around meme stocks spark a new meme coin season? We’ll explore 3 meme coins to buy now to get in on the action.

Return of Roaring Kitty Sends GME and AMC Skyrocketing

Until this week, $GME and $AMC were trading at their lowest prices since 2020. Both stocks have experienced sustained downward price trends, punctuated every few months by renewed trading action that would send values soaring and then crashing.

The latest rally is different because of its magnitude. $GME rocketed from $17.50 to $50 in just 3 days, while $AMC shot from $2.80 to $6.80. Both moves represent nearly 3x gains in as many days, something that hasn’t happened since the 2021 short squeezes.

The rally was triggered by the return to X of famed trader Keith Gill, better known as ‘Roaring Kitty.’ He shared a meme of a trader sitting forward in his chair—an indication that things are getting serious—and reposted a 2020 tweet that became a rallying point for meme traders: “That’s all for now cuz I’m out of breath. FYI here’s a quick 4min video I put together to summarize the $GME bull case.”

Meme traders quickly picked up on the signal and sprang into action, with prominent trading influencers like ClayBro announcing that this was traders’ second chance to get in on an epic short squeeze.

Since kicking off the rally, Roaring Kitty has been highly active on X, getting the crypto community excited that a surge in meme coin prices could be just around the corner. In 2021, Roaring Kitty’s influence carried meme traders from $GME and $AMC to $DOGE. If he sees an opportunity in meme coins, Roaring Kitty could easily lead the charge into crypto once again.

As one Dogecoin adherent on Reddit put it: “And just like that…people followed Roaring Kitty to Dogecoin and we were all on our way to the moon.”

3 Best Meme Coins to Buy Now

While history could repeat itself and send $DOGE higher, the biggest gains in trading meme coins are more likely to be found in new meme coins that haven’t yet pumped. We’ll highlight 3 meme coins that are poised to explode if the meme trading frenzy expands to crypto.


Dogeverse is one of the newest doge-themed meme coins to hit the crypto market and arguably the heir to Dogecoin’s throne. The project has attracted a huge amount of attention already, raising more than $15 million in its presale. 

With a presale hard cap of $17 million, the $DOGEVERSE token could time its launch perfectly to coincide with the surge in meme coin trading.

Dogeverse is unique in that it’s built from the ground up for multi-chain activity. The project is native to 6 different blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Base, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon. It will launch on all 6 chains—and their respective DEXs—simultaneously.

The ability of the $DOGEVERSE token to seamlessly hop across blockchains makes it perfect for meme coin trading. Traders who buy $DOGEVERSE can roll into the next hot meme coin on any major chain seamlessly and with low gas fees.

The Dogeverse presale is closing in days, so don’t miss this chance to buy before $DOGEVERSE launches.

Visit Dogeverse Presale


WienerAI is another red-hot meme coin on presale now, giving meme traders a chance to buy at a discount before the meme trading season begins. 

The project features a wiener dog that’s ‘part dog, part sausage, part AI trading bot’ and that’s sure to be a viral hit in the crypto meme community.

WienerAI has been off to a quick start, raising more than $1.8 million in sales of its $WAI token. Presale investors can not only get a steep discount to the list price, but also stake their $WAI to earn up to 523% APY. That’s an incredibly generous staking reward that few meme coins can beat.

WienerAI ultimately aims to roll out an AI-powered crypto trading bot, offering meme coin traders another way to profit from the crypto market. The bot promises ultra-fast trading, a measurable trading edge, and MEV-free swaps through WienerAI’s own decentralized exchange.

Visit WienerAI Presale


Sealana is one of the top new meme coins on Solana, which has seen an explosion of trading activity in recent months and could be the main focus of a new meme coin rally. Sealana has raised more than $1 million in its presale.

The Sealana presale is unique in that it could end at any time, without warning. So, traders have to jump in quickly to ensure they get the $SEAL token before it launches.

The $SEAL token holds extra appeal for meme traders because the Sealana meme pokes fun at them. It features an overweight seal who’s too busy searching for the next great meme coin in the ‘Solana Sea’ to clean up the pizza grease and fish bones covering him. ‘Degen’ meme traders are likely to appreciate the ribbing and send $SEAL higher for it.

Sealana is a true hype-driven meme coin, with no staking rewards or other utility. Look for this project to time its launch with the peak of meme coin demand, directing a huge amount of trading volume into $SEAL and sending the token’s price skyrocketing.

Visit Sealana Presale

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