Cosmos Hub’s Neutrality Upgrade Progressing Smoothly with Significant Validator Support


  • Cosmos Hub is undergoing the Neutrality upgrade, with 47% of the voting power already participating, and operations will resume once 67% of the voting power completes the upgrade.
  • Validator support for this crucial upgrade is being provided through the Cosmos Hub’s Discord channel, facilitating effective communication and collaboration among validators during the upgrade process.

The Cosmos Hub, a player in the blockchain ecosystem, is currently undergoing a significant upgrade known as the Neutrality upgrade.

As of the latest updates, the upgrade process is well underway, with 47% of the voting power already active and participating in the process. The upgrade is a critical step in enhancing the network’s capabilities and ensuring its continued growth and stability.

Progressing Towards a major milestone

The Neutrality upgrade is a key development, marking a phase of technological advancement and improved network functionality. The upgrade requires the support and participation of validators, who play a crucial role in the Cosmos ecosystem. The chain is set to resume its full operations once 67% of the Cosmos Hub’s voting power has completed the upgrade process. The threshold is essential to ensure the stability and security of the network post-upgrade.

The current progress, with nearly half of the voting power already participating, indicates strong support and engagement from the validator community. The level of involvement is a positive sign, reflecting the community’s commitment to the network’s growth and the successful implementation of the Neutrality upgrade.

Validator support and community engagement for the Cosmos Hub

To ensure a seamless upgrade process for the Cosmos Hub’s Neutrality upgrade, comprehensive validator support is being offered through the Cosmos Hub’s Discord channel. The platform is playing a vital role as a hub for communication and assistance, providing an essential space for validators to engage with one another. Here, they can access valuable guidance, exchange insights, and collaborate effectively throughout the upgrade process. The focus on providing dedicated support via the channel is a strategic move to ensure that all validators are well-equipped with the necessary resources and information, enabling them to contribute efficiently and effectively to the upgrade process.

The availability of such dedicated support is instrumental in facilitating the smooth progression of the upgrade. It not only aids in addressing any challenges that validators might encounter but also fosters a sense of community and collective effort. By centralizing communication and support in this manner, the Cosmos Hub ensures that validators are not only kept informed and up-to-date with the latest developments but are also able to actively participate in discussions and decision-making processes. The approach underscores the importance of validator involvement in the network’s evolution and highlights the commitment of the Cosmos Hub to maintaining a collaborative and supportive ecosystem

In addition to the ongoing upgrade, the Cosmos community is also set to welcome Dualityxyz, a new entity in the Cosmos ecosystem. The integration of Dualityxyz represents the network’s expanding horizon and its commitment to embracing new projects and collaborations. The development is expected to bring fresh perspectives and contributions to the Cosmos Hub, further enriching the ecosystem.


The Neutrality upgrade is a significant step forward in the network’s evolution. With substantial validator support and the community’s active involvement, the upgrade is progressing well towards its completion. The arrival of Dualityxyz adds to the excitement, signaling new opportunities and collaborations within the Cosmos ecosystem. As the upgrade moves closer to its completion, the Cosmos community eagerly anticipates the enhanced capabilities and new possibilities that lie ahead for the network.

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