Cosmos Hub votes to cut Atom’s inflation rate from 14% to 10%


  • Cosmos Hub approved a proposal to reduce Atom’s inflation rate from about 14% to 10%, impacting its staking yield.
  • The decision, passed with 41.1% votes in favor, was contentious and saw a high turnout.
  • Critics, like AllNodes, argue the reduction could harm small validators and the broader ecosystem.

Cosmos Hub, a pivotal blockchain within the Cosmos network, has passed a proposal to decrease the inflation rate of its native token, Atom. This move, marking a significant shift in the ecosystem’s economic strategy, saw the maximum inflation rate drop from approximately 14% to 10%. As a result, the annualized staking yield for Atom is expected to reduce from about 19% to 13.4%.

Narrow victory in high-stakes vote

The proposal’s approval came after a closely contested voting process, the most participated in the history of the Cosmos ecosystem. With 41.1% of the votes in favor and 38.5% against, the decision underscores the community’s divided stance on this critical issue. The outcome, which seemed likely to fail hours before the deadline, was swayed by a last-minute influx of votes and some notable reversals from validators.

The rationale behind this decision stemmed from concerns that Atom’s high inflation rate, compared to its counterparts, constituted an excessive expense for the Hub’s security. Advocates for the reduction, including Zero Knowledge Validator – the largest supporter of the proposal – emphasized the need for a more balanced approach. They argued that a double-digit inflation rate was unnecessary for maintaining security, potentially undermining Atom’s long-term price stability and its attractiveness in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and the broader Atom Economic Zone.

Controversy and criticism from stakeholders

The proposal, while successful, did not pass without significant opposition. The largest vote against the reduction came from AllNodes, another prominent validator. AllNodes expressed concerns in a post, highlighting the potential negative impacts on smaller validators and the broader ecosystem. They described the proposal as abrupt, lacking in-depth research, and potentially disruptive for retail participants and businesses engaged in Atom-related activities.

This decision by the Cosmos Hub has stirred a wide range of responses within the blockchain community. Supporters view it as a strategic step towards ensuring long-term economic stability and viability for Atom. In contrast, critics worry about the immediate effects on small-scale validators and the implications for the network’s security and development.

The Cosmos Hub, serving as the central blockchain of the Cosmos network, plays a crucial role in the governance and operational dynamics of this interconnected ecosystem. Atom, the native token, is a key component in this structure, facilitating staking, governance, and transaction fees. The decision to adjust its inflation rate reflects an evolving understanding of the balance between economic incentives and network security.

The Cosmos Hub’s decision to reduce Atom’s inflation rate marks a significant shift in the network’s economic policy. While it reflects a move towards a more sustainable economic model for Atom, it also brings to light the complexities and differing perspectives within the Cosmos community. The long-term impact of this decision remains to be seen as stakeholders adjust to the new economic landscape.

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