CoreDAO Launches African Innovation Fund to Empower Local Web3 Builders


  1. CoreDAO’s African Fund boosts local Web3 projects.
  2. Strategic support for African blockchain innovation.
  3. Diverse sectors targeted by CoreDAO’s initiative.

In a remarkable move to strengthen the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem in Africa, CoreDAO has announced the inception of the African Innovation Fund. This initiative is a groundbreaking effort to offer vital resources and networking opportunities to local Web3 developers across the continent. It is a response to the unique challenges and burgeoning potential of the African blockchain landscape, as highlighted in the 2023 Chainalysis Report

The Rising Tide of African Web3 Innovation

Africa, with its young, internet-savvy population, is rapidly emerging as a significant player in the global crypto landscape. Local innovators, leveraging their tech proficiency, are crafting blockchain-based solutions to address regional issues while making a global impact. However, these builders face hurdles such as limited access to funding, technical resources, and localized insights. The African Innovation Fund by CoreDAO is poised to address these challenges, aiming to facilitate smoother integration into the Web3 realm.

CoreDAO’s African Innovation Fund is not just a financial resource; it represents a holistic approach to nurturing the African Web3 ecosystem. The fund will offer grants, technical support, builder programs, and partnerships with accelerators and institutions. Furthermore, it will facilitate connections with venture capitalists and potential investments, ensuring projects receive comprehensive support beyond mere funding.

A Collaborative Effort for Decentralization

The initiative goes beyond financial aid; it aligns aspiring African builders with established entities in the blockchain world. This strategic collaboration is expected to empower the next wave of decentralized applications and protocols, fostering a more interconnected and decentralized African blockchain ecosystem.

The fund is particularly interested in various verticals, including gaming, stablecoins, cross-border payments, supply chain management, real estate, decentralized finance (DeFi) backed loans, credit rating systems, decentralized databases/file storage, healthcare, NFTs, and DeFi. This wide range of focus areas reflects the diverse potential of blockchain technology in transforming various sectors.

Core Chain’s Unique Position

At the heart of this initiative is Core Chain, a pioneering Layer 1 blockchain platform. Merging the principles of Bitcoin with the composability of Ethereum, Core Chain represents a unique “Bitcoin-aligned” chain. This blend positions it as a technically advanced platform that remains true to the early visions of Web3 dating back to 2008.

The African Innovation Fund by CoreDAO marks a significant step in unlocking the potential of the African Web3 landscape. By providing resources, technical support, and strategic partnerships, CoreDAO aims to propel the success of local blockchain projects. This initiative is not just about funding; it’s about fostering a sustainable, decentralized future for Africa’s burgeoning Web3 ecosystem.

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