Three major factors driving consumers’ purchase and investment decisions


Consumers are key figures in the marketplace as they help marketers determine the right marketing mix that will help push an idea. Figuring out what consumers really want (before they do) will be an information gold mine for crafting a campaign that will resonate with buying and investment personas.

Consumers today reportedly don’t just want to make a purchase, but establish a relationship with a brand, as well. Knowing the factors which can provide a positive experience successfully would naturally lead to desired outcomes.

Know, like and trust.

Knowing the brand, seeing it, hearing it, all the time, from everywhere is very powerful. It was done in the past using ads (billboards, television, etc) and later using Content Marketing and retargeting ads digitally. This has helped build billion dollar enterprises like addictive food brands or cloth brands. This applies to both B2C and B2B equally, as it’s an inherent human psychology factor. 

Liking a brand, for what they represent, what they do, for how they mirror your views and how you reflect them. When we like a brand, we like them as they mean something to us. That is a stronger connection. Content Marketing builds that by intellectually and emotionally talking about the context, problems and solutions, stories and connectivity, and more. Content builds the rapport. 

Trust comes because the information mentioned by the brand is validated by the viewer. Either by 3rd party recommendation like “Doctor recommended”, or social proof, or when it’s endorsed by others, or when we can state facts that they can verify, or other means of subtle trust building by the colors, shape, structure, words, and more. Content Marketing positions one as an authority, a master, a mentor, someone who teaches. It positions one as stable, investing into the cause, consistent and disciplined. If done right, it brings out a lot of trust signs subconsciously and consciously.

These elements are the primary influencers of consumers buying decisions.

So what should be our next steps knowing that we have that window of opportunity?

Integrate that into your messaging, marketing communication, and in all forms of content. Be clear on what you want to say and say it loud, over and over and reach your audience in channels they prefer, in content types that they like to consume. 

Success is built one “right” step at a time, not just a series or random steps. Focus on the “right” steps. Every word matters, as it’s an opportunity to impress your brand in your audience’s mind. 

About The Author

Mr. KEY – Karnika E. Yashwant has been an avid marketer leading blockchain projects since 2013 and executing Content Marketing for Fortune 100s since 2007. He is the CEO of Utopian Capital, an investment firm for blockchain technology, and the Founder of KEY Difference Media, an agency rated in numerous Top 5 and Top 10 lists in the Blockchain/Crypto space year after year. He can be reached at LinkedIn or Telegram

He helps businesses understand how they can function and use Content Marketing to benefit their businesses. His whole perspective stems from an audience-centric approach to meet business goals, – be it raising investment or attracting users. 

He can help them navigate the challenges and help make the right choices, and most importantly, get the message across to the audience. He is a master at educating the audience, onboarding them and increasing customer acquisition using news media, influencers, Content Marketing, and community connections. 

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Karnika E. Yashwant

A prolific writer, KEY brings an insider perspective to blockchain ventures and crypto startups. He shares cutting edge content marketing strategies from his 11 years of management experience. Perfectly balanced in mind and body, he runs marathons, target-shoots, engages in extreme sports and takes a vacation break in 5+ countries annually.

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