BitMEX Exchange: compliance chief officer joins BitMEX Exchange following EE charges

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BitMEX Exchange is one of the most important platforms for Bitcoin trading today. According to a publication made on Monday, this platform announced the hiring of Malcolm Wright as the group’s chief compliance officer.

Malcolm Wright has extensive anti-money laundering experience and serves on various international committees. Wright is part of the Center for Financial Crime and Security Studies at the UK’s Royal United Services Institute. This is an organization that aims to eradicate financial crimes.

BitMEX Exchange

Wright wants to lead all compliance efforts around the world. He will also help improve the compliance function and complete their user verification program.

He currently manages the Advisory Board and the AML Working Group at Global Digital Finance. He is also a speaker on different topics, such as the Financial Action Task Force’s international orientation.

According to 100x, this hiring will bring them many benefits and unite the group’s international compliance efforts and report to COO and interim CEO Vivien Khoo.

Vivien Khoo replaced the ex CEO Arthur Hayes a week ago, due to different legal problems that disturbed the company since October.

BitMEX Exchange legal problems

100x, BitMEX Exchange and other related platforms were indicted by New York attorneys general and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission for illegally offering derivatives trading to US clients. This resulted in the violation of the Banking Secrecy Law.

Due to these problems, BitMEX made some changes to its executive team. The platform removed founders like Ben Delo, Samuel Reed, and Hayes from their executive positions. Despite this movement, BitMEX has said that they will continue to carry out their activities as always done.

The arrival of Malcolm Wright is the last effort on the part of the platform due to the accusations. They want to avoid a similar situation in the future.

BitMEX Exchange is one of the most important platforms in the world. All its services are offered worldwide, differentiating it significantly from others. Bitmex allows its investors to earn even when cryptocurrencies are at their worst, which is why it is prevalent.

Before announcing Wright’s hiring, it was unclear whether the company had a chief compliance officer.

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