Companies Warned Against AI Washing – SEC Chairman Gary Gensler


  • SEC Chairman Gary Gensler warns companies against AI washing, urging honesty in advertising AI capabilities to investors and the public.
  • Increased scrutiny of AI claims highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in disclosing AI usage.
  • Despite growing confidence in AI’s potential, companies must avoid misrepresentation to avoid violating SEC rules and maintain trust with investors and consumers.

In a recent speech at Yale Law School, Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), cautioned companies against the practice of ‘AI washing’ in their marketing and advertising materials. 

Drawing parallels to greenwashing, Gensler emphasized the necessity for honesty and transparency regarding the capabilities and risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The warning against AI washing

Gensler’s speech underscored the importance of companies accurately representing their utilization of AI technology, especially when seeking investment from the public. Drawing on cultural references such as Harold Hill’s character from the movie Music Man, Gensler highlighted the potential for false claims and misleading advertising in the burgeoning AI industry.

The chairman noted a significant rise in AI disclosures made by SEC registrants in recent years, reflecting the growing prevalence of AI technologies across various sectors. Gensler emphasized the need for companies to provide investors with a reasonable basis for their claims about the prospects of AI integration, stressing the importance of transparency and accountability.

Potential consequences of misrepresentation

Gensler warned that companies found to be engaging in AI washing could face consequences for violating SEC rules. This heightened scrutiny comes when AI adoption is rapidly increasing, with businesses across industries leveraging AI technologies to enhance their products and services. However, amid the enthusiasm for AI, Gensler’s remarks serve as a reminder of the importance of ethical and accurate representations.

Despite concerns about AI washing, a 2023 survey conducted by research firm GlobalData revealed widespread confidence in AI among businesses. Nearly 60% of respondents believed in AI’s ability to fulfill its promises, while an additional 36% acknowledged the technology’s potential despite some degree of overhyping.

The role of marketing and advertising

Companies have quickly incorporated AI into their products and marketing strategies, capitalizing on its perceived benefits to attract consumers. Gensler’s remarks coincided with the observation of a significant number of AI mentions in advertising during the recent Super Bowl, highlighting the pervasive influence of AI in contemporary marketing efforts.

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