CoinList Settles OFAC’s Sanctions Allegations for $1.2 Million

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  • CoinList, a crypto exchange, has agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle allegations by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for allowing users in Crimea, a region sanctioned and annexed by Russia, to use its platform.
  • The settlement underscores the importance of compliance with international sanctions in the crypto industry, with CoinList committing to invest $300,000 in compliance controls, highlighting the need for robust regulatory adherence in the global financial and crypto markets.

Crypto exchange CoinList has agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle allegations by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) that it permitted users in Crimea, a region annexed by Russia from Ukraine, to access its platform. The settlement sheds light on the complex compliance landscape that crypto exchanges must navigate, particularly concerning international sanctions and geopolitical conflicts.

OFAC’s investigation revealed that CoinList had inadvertently opened 89 accounts for customers based in Crimea. Although these users initially claimed to be from non-embargoed countries, they provided addresses located in Crimea during the account opening process. The discrepancy was not detected by CoinList’s screening protocols, which failed to recognize that a Crimea address indicated residence in an embargoed region.

The significance of OFAC’s enforcement action

The situation in Crimea has been a point of international contention since Russia’s invasion in 2014. Most countries, including the United States, continue to regard Crimea as part of Ukraine and have imposed sanctions on Russia as a result. The enforcement action against CoinList underscores the critical importance of compliance with these sanctions in the global financial and crypto industries.

OFAC noted that the fine imposed on CoinList was significantly lower than the maximum potential penalty of nearly $327 million. The reduction was due to factors such as CoinList’s past compliance history, its cooperation during the investigation, and the relatively small number of transactions involved compared to the exchange’s total volume.

CoinList’s response and future compliance investments

Responding to the settlement, CoinList has expressed its intention to view it as a learning opportunity and to further invest in compliance measures. The exchange has committed to investing $300,000 in compliance controls, one of the largest investments by a crypto company in its position. The move highlights CoinList’s dedication to upholding stringent compliance standards and adapting its operations to meet the evolving regulatory landscape.

In its statement, OFAC emphasized the significance of the enforcement action for the virtual currency industry. It serves as a reminder for companies involved in emerging technologies to integrate risk-based sanctions compliance into their business functions, especially when offering financial services to a global customer base.

CoinList, while a relatively smaller player in the crypto market according to CoinGecko data, handles a daily volume of about $400,000, predominantly in Tether and Solana pairs. The contrasts with the billions of dollars in daily volumes recorded by larger exchanges like Binance. Despite its smaller size, CoinList’s experience with OFAC’s enforcement action is a valuable case study for the broader crypto industry, emphasizing the importance of robust compliance systems in an increasingly regulated digital asset market.


CoinList’s settlement with OFAC for $1.2 million marks a significant moment in the crypto industry’s ongoing efforts to align with international regulatory standards. It highlights the challenges faced by crypto exchanges in monitoring and enforcing compliance with global sanctions. As the crypto market continues to mature and attract scrutiny from regulators worldwide, CoinList’s commitment to enhancing its compliance measures sets a precedent for other players in the industry to ensure adherence to international laws and regulations.

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