Coinbene maintenance mode; suspicions of a hack rises

Recently many speculations have been popping up regarding a very large and prominent cryptocurrency exchange called CoinBene. CoinBene has recently been showing a sign that says that the site is under maintenance.

What is suspicious about this is that the maintenance period was not announced by the site beforehand. Another troubling factor is that right after this huge amount of cryptocurrencies were being transacted out of the wallet of CoinBene. This has led to many people believing that CoinBene has been hacked.

CoinBene has not been unresponsive to these speculations. CoinBene responded on twitter telling its users that their transaction has been put on pending for hours because the site is under maintenance for the benefit of the users themselves.

They soon followed this by saying that those pending transactions will be dealt with automatically once the maintenance is over. They also said that the time when the maintenance will be over will be shortly announced later.

Many people, however, have stuck to their belief that the site is hacked. This is mainly because the CIO Diviproject also gave a statement regarding the issue and has also agreed with many saying that a hack may have taken place.

Many have questioned CoinBene regarding the fact that their site is hacked on Twitter. CoinBene has only responded with how they can help the user with their issue. People have also mentioned the large sums of money being transacted out of the wallet and CoinBene has not responded to any of these tweets. CoinBene’s being hacked has become an issue the same day the DragonEx was hacked as well.

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