Coinbase adds support for Solana-based $JTO token


  • Coinbase announces the addition of the JITO (JTO) token, a new Solana-based asset, with trading commencing on December 7, 2023.
  • This follows CEO Brian Armstrong’s praise of Solana for its speed and cost-effectiveness.
  •  JTO serves as the governance token of the Jito Network on Solana, with a focus on decentralized decision-making

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has taken a significant step in expanding its asset offerings by listing the JITO (JTO) token, a new entrant on the Solana network.  The listing, slated to commence on December 7, 2023, at 11:00 AM ET, marks the first exchange trading of JTO, previously unavailable on any trading platform. This move comes shortly after Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong publicly lauded the Solana network for its remarkable speed and cost-effectiveness. Notably, Solana’s native coin, SOL, has already been a part of Coinbase’s trading portfolio, and the addition of JTO further solidifies Coinbase’s engagement with the Solana ecosystem​​.

The JTO token 

The JTO token is the governance token of the Jito Network, a prominent protocol within the Solana blockchain known for its focus on minimizing the negative impact of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value). The Jito Network, standing as the second-largest protocol on Solana by Total Value Locked (TVL), aims to empower its users by decentralizing decision-making processes. The token’s total supply is capped at 1 billion, with 10% earmarked for airdrop to contributors to the Jito Network’s development. 

This airdrop, which includes JitoSOL holders and various participants in DeFi protocols related to Solana, represents a pivotal moment in Jito’s journey towards a more democratic and community-driven governance model​​​​.

Holders of the JTO token will have the opportunity to participate in key decisions affecting the protocol. These include determining fees for the JitoSOL stake pool and strategizing delegation, as well as managing the protocol’s treasury. This level of involvement signifies a shift towards a more participatory governance style in the DeFi space, setting a precedent within the Solana ecosystem and the broader crypto community.

JTO airdrop eligibility criteria

The airdrop’s eligibility criteria encompass many Jito ecosystem participants, including long-standing JitoSOL holders, Solana validators, and users engaging with Jito’s MEV products. The token allocation is structured to facilitate community growth, with 34.3% of the total supply dedicated to this purpose. Additionally, 25% is allocated for ecosystem development, while 24.5% supports core contributors. Investors receive 16.2% of the supply, and investor tokens will be unlocked over three years. 

Meanwhile, SOL has been making headlines due to its remarkable surge in value over the past month. SOL’s price has increased by 60% in just one month, and its market capitalization is now estimated to be around $27 billion.

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