Coinbase responds to Senator Warren’s allegations regarding regulatory influence


  • Coinbase issues a strong denial in response to Senator Warren’s allegations of hindering cryptocurrency regulation.
  • The exchange emphasizes its commitment to responsible advocacy and regulatory measures in cryptocurrency.
  • Coinbase defends its Global Advisory Council, warns against offshore regulations, and invites Senator Warren for a briefing on counterterrorism efforts.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has issued a robust response to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s accusations of hindering cryptocurrency regulation through the employment of former government officials. The exchange, in a letter dated December 22, firmly rejected Sen. Warren’s claims, labeling them a “willful misrepresentation” of Coinbase’s intentions and efforts.

Denial of wrongdoing and emphasis on responsible advocacy

In the response penned by Coinbase’s Chief Policy Officer, Faryar Shirzad, the exchange vehemently denied any attempt to undermine bipartisan legislation related to cryptocurrency. Shirzad asserted that Sen. Warren’s accusations were unfounded and misrepresented the company’s commitment to actively advocating for responsible regulation in the crypto industry.

The letter emphasized Coinbase’s pride in its team of national security experts, highlighting their daily dedication to protecting Americans. It refuted the notion that the recruitment of government personnel was aimed at obstructing regulatory progress, stating that it is part of a broader initiative to ensure the safety of crypto users in the United States.

Global Advisory Council and potential offshore impact

Addressing Sen. Warren’s concerns about Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council, the letter defended the inclusion of former elected officials, emphasizing the strategic insight and advice provided by the council. Coinbase warned against the potential repercussions of driving cryptocurrency legislation offshore, drawing parallels to the global competition in semiconductor and mobile phone technology.

The letter subtly suggested that regulatory measures should not stifle innovation and development in the cryptocurrency space. It compared the situation to China’s lead in the 5G race, hinting that stringent regulations might inadvertently push innovation and economic benefits away from the United States.

Invitation to a comprehensive briefing on counterterrorism efforts

Coinbase concluded its response by extending an invitation to Senator Warren for a comprehensive briefing on the company’s commitment to combating terrorist financing. This move appears to be an effort to address concerns raised by Warren in her letter about the potential misuse of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities.

In summary, Coinbase’s response to Senator Warren’s allegations is characterized by a strong denial of wrongdoing, an emphasis on responsible advocacy, and a call for collaboration on counterterrorism efforts. The exchange asserts its commitment to regulatory measures while cautioning against regulatory actions that could drive innovation offshore.

The developments surrounding Coinbase and Senator Warren’s concerns highlight the ongoing dialogue between the cryptocurrency industry and regulators, with both sides advocating for their perspectives on responsible innovation and regulatory oversight.

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