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Coinbase exclusive analytics for customer base; shuts down bundle purchase

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Coinbase exclusive analytics for customer base launch comes right before they silently shut down bundle product purchase putting the already purchased assets in their respective wallets.

Coinbase has reportedly launched three latest tools of analytics for its consumers. The new data is said to be the culmination of investors’ trend prevalent on the exchange and the on-chain metrics. The analytics are available on the Android, iOS and desktop websites.

According to Coinbase the object for launching these analytics is to facilitate those investors and traders. The new traders who need to understand how an efficient network operates and what are the preferences and perceptions of investors regarding certain cryptocurrency.


It could be a herculean task search for truth in places that are full of noise, however drawing particular insights from a vast variety of networks could be more confounding.

These new signals aim to support the consumers to independently develop and manage the strategy of crypto investment of their own.

The exchange will be enabling its customers to look at the percentage of Coinbase users with those huge balances in assets which stayed at the same position for the previous twenty-four hours.

As large balances are considered to be the top ten percent of the account holding said token. This will enable consumers to gauge short-term sentiment for a token and they can decide accordingly.

Moreover, the second indicator demonstrates customers the usual hold time of account of Coinbase’s user before it is sent or sold to some other wallet. This tends to enlighten users with short-term market cycles.

The third signal is for measuring price correlations between various assets. Such services are provided by the third-party, but this feature of the data is updated after twenty-four hours tends to make it an appealing analytical tool. Furthermore, Coinbase is the very first exchange to facilitate its user with insight on proprietary data.

Taha Farooqui

Taha Farooqui

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