Cofra Holding Joins Hedera Governing Council to Accelerate DLT Adoption and Sustainability Leadership

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  • Cofra Holding has joined the Hedera Governing Council, enhancing the adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) across industries.
  • The partnership between Cofra and Hedera aims to promote sustainability, drive innovation, and establish Hedera as a leading network in the blockchain space.

Cofra Holding, a Swiss family-owned company with a global presence in industries such as fashion, real estate, and private equity, has joined the Hedera Governing Council. Hedera is a decentralized public network that enables individuals and enterprises to create and deploy dApps. By joining the governing council, Cofra will play an essential role in driving the adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and furthering sustainability leadership.

Hedera CEO Mance Harmon stated that the addition of Cofra to the council would bring in an innovative perspective and expertise in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Harmon also noted that the council’s mission is to create a more secure, decentralized, and sustainable digital future.

Cofra Holding’s Role in Hedera Governing Council

As a governing council member, Cofra Holding will have an active role in the decision-making process and contribute to Hedera’s strategic direction. Its presence will undoubtedly benefit the council’s existing members, which include Google, IBM, and LG, among others. Hedera’s decentralized governance model ensures that decisions made by the council members are transparent and serve the best interests of the network.

Cofra is committed to sustainability and is involved in several initiatives related to the environment, social, and governance practices. The company’s interest in DLT stems from its potential to bring transparency, security, and efficiency to supply chain management. Furthermore, it believes that DLT can transform business operations and create a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions, waste, and energy consumption.

Hedera’s Growing Influence in the DLT Space

Hedera has been making strides in the DLT space, attracting significant attention from individuals and enterprises. The network’s unique governance model and technical capabilities have set it apart from other blockchain networks, enabling it to gain traction in several use cases such as digital identity, supply chain, and decentralized finance.

In recent months, Hedera has announced partnerships with several notable firms, including Chainlink, Standard Bank Group, and Tata Communications. These partnerships have enabled the network to expand its reach, onboard new users, and support the development of innovative solutions.

Cofra’s presence in the governing council further solidifies Hedera’s position as a leading network in the DLT space. With Cofra’s expertise in sustainability practices, Hedera will be able to position itself as a network that prioritizes sustainability and environmental protection.

Impact on DLT Adoption and Possible Collaborations

Cofra Holding’s inclusion in the Hedera Governing Council is expected to have a substantial impact on the adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) across industries. As a diverse and globally recognized company, Cofra brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in various sectors, which can help drive the implementation of DLT solutions in areas such as supply chain management, finance, and real estate.

With Cofra’s focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, the partnership with Hedera opens up possibilities for collaboration on projects that promote sustainable practices within the network. This collaboration can lead to the development of innovative solutions that reduce carbon footprints, enable efficient resource management, and enhance transparency in business operations.


Cofra Holding’s decision to join the Hedera Governing Council is a significant milestone for both the company and the network. The addition of Cofra will undoubtedly benefit Hedera’s existing members and enable the network to pursue its mission of creating a secure, decentralized, and sustainable digital future. Hedera’s growing influence in the DLT space, coupled with Cofra’s expertise in sustainability practices, makes for a promising future for both the network and its users.

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