Co-CEO of Braiins views rise of organized crypto mining as a major shift

Co CEO of Braiins views rise of organized crypto mining as a major shift

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Pavel Movarek Co-founder & Co-CEO at Braiins Systems reportedly claimed that the current state of crypto mining is pretty scary. Last year his company launched the Braiins OS: ASIC miner firmware, in an effort to “redefine open source mining software” and to take back control of the mining sector.

Movarek being a pro-open sourced advocate, discussed about the closed open source miner firmware in a panel discussion at the Magical Crypto Conference 2019. He pointed out that closed open source miner firmware mining was akin to having one’s keys under one’s control. Moreover, he conceded that from a security point of view, crypto mining is somewhat scary and asserted that the crypto miners should be allowed to choose whatever firmware they want to run. In his opinion, a user should have a choice of firmware to execute.

Furthermore, Movarek expressed his opinion about switching from retail to institutionalized mining’s growing trend in the crypto mining sector and stated that these entities were responsible for purchasing hardware and running ASICs, which were contrary to the earlier times; as mining was done by Bitcoin enthusiast. According to him, a considerable portion of individual miners do no take the right security measures or get the security protocol right.

Lastly, he emphasized on a critical aspect of a better protocol, as the infrastructure ought to be scaled.

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