Citizens’ Gavel Unveils AI Tool ‘Podus’ for Accessible Justice


  • Citizens’ Gavel introduces ‘Podus,’ an AI tool for accessible justice, connecting those in need with lawyers and offering legal advice and resources.
  • The platform goes beyond virtual chat boxes, allowing users to request emergency legal aid and connect with lawyers through existing tools like WhatsApp.
  • Podus streamlines legal processes, empowering individuals to file complaints efficiently and enhancing their ability to navigate the legal landscape confidently.

The non-governmental organization Citizens’ Gavel has unveiled a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called Podus, representing a major step towards democratizing access to justice. The unveiling took place under the theme “AI for justice: Highlighting the innovative use of AI in the legal sector and its potential to revolutionize access to justice.” This cutting-edge platform has the potential to redefine how legal services are accessed by providing a streamlined and efficient channel for the indigent.

Podus, as explained by Oluwadamilare Ayankoya, the Tech Lead of Citizens’ Gavel, aims to bridge the gap in legal access for the less privileged. The platform is strategically designed to connect individuals in need with lawyers who can facilitate their pursuit of justice. Ayankoya emphasized, “So, we have built the platform to help connect them with lawyers who assist in getting justice for them.” He further highlighted Podus’s role in disseminating legal knowledge, offering advice, and providing essential legal resources such as drafting letters.

Femi Ajibade, a lawyer and member of the NGO, underscored the significance of Podus in bringing justice closer to everyone, going beyond the realm of a typical virtual chat box. Ajibade explained, “We are not just creating a virtual chat box, but we are creating something that can help the vulnerable, the least people, and we are going to use existing tools like WhatsApp.” The unique integration of an AI tool ensures that individuals can seek solutions to their legal problems based on their location, creating a platform where legal aid can be swiftly requested in emergencies.

Accessible legal aid at your fingertips

Podus serves as a platform for prompt legal assistance. Nelson Olanipekun, the Team Lead of Citizens’ Gavel, highlighted its potential to confidently empower Nigerians to navigate the legal landscape. Olanipekun stated, “Podus AI has the potential to enhance legal processes and make them more efficient.” The platform enables users to swiftly seek emergency answers or legal aid, addressing issues such as police violations of fundamental human rights. By connecting users to lawyers within their location, Podus ensures that justice is not only accessible but also tailored to the specific needs of individuals.

One of the remarkable aspects of Podus is its contribution to making legal processes more efficient. Olanipekun emphasized that individuals are now empowered to draft well-crafted petitions or letters to file complaints against injustices. The integration of AI technology streamlines these processes, allowing users to leverage various complaint centers, including the Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman, and States’ Mediation Centers, among others.

Empowering through technology

Citizens’ Gavel’s commitment to empowering Nigerians is reflected in the strategic use of technology. Podus stands as a testament to its mission, providing citizens with a tool that offers legal assistance and educates them about their rights. By leveraging AI, Citizens’ Gavel fosters a tech-savvy approach to justice, ensuring that individuals can navigate the legal landscape confidently and efficiently.

The introduction of Podus by Citizens’ Gavel marks a significant milestone in the quest for accessible justice. The AI-enabled platform connects the vulnerable with legal assistance and empowers individuals to assert their rights confidently. As technology plays a pivotal role in shaping various sectors, Citizens’ Gavel’s innovative approach with Podus sets a precedent for the seamless integration of AI in the legal domain. This pioneering initiative is poised to revolutionize access to justice and make legal services more inclusive for all.

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