Christians More Likely to Embrace AI in the Workplace, Survey Finds

AI in the workplace

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  • Christians in the U.S. use AI more at work than non-Christians, according to a Barna survey of over 1,500 adults.
  • AI is less trusted for spiritual questions, with only 27% of Americans trusting AI responses about Christian beliefs.
  • The survey suggests a need for digital literacy in Christian communities and caution when using AI for evangelism.

A recent survey conducted by the Barna Group in the United States has shed light on using artificial intelligence (AI) technology among religious groups, particularly Christians. The survey, titled “4 Ways U.S. Adults Are Embracing Artificial Intelligence (or Not),” analyzed responses from over 1,500 adults to understand the impact of AI in the workforce and faith communities.

Christians embrace AI in the workplace

The survey results indicate that self-identified Christians are more inclined to incorporate AI technology into their work than non-Christians. Approximately 62% of Christians in the workforce reported using AI technology often, sometimes, or to some extent for their job-related tasks. In contrast, only 49% of non-Christians reported similar usage patterns.

However, it is worth noting that a significant portion of Christians (38%) mentioned that they do not use AI at all in their work, while 52% of non-Christians stated the same.

The survey was conducted online through a consumer research panel from July 28 to August 7, 2023, ensuring a diverse set of respondents. The sample size for the question regarding the frequency of AI usage for their jobs was 788, with a margin of error of +/- 2.1% at the 95% confidence level.

AI’s role in faith and spirituality

While AI technology has found its place in various industries, including research and data analysis, it is not commonly perceived as a tool for seeking spiritual guidance or answers to specific spiritual questions. According to the survey, respondents are more interested in using AI to answer general questions (37%) and conduct research (35%). Conversely, 14% expressed interest in using AI for receiving advice, and only 8% indicated they would use AI for spiritual inquiries.

The data also reveals minimal enthusiasm among Christians and non-Christians for using AI to study the Bible or learn about Christianity, with interest levels at 8% and 4%, respectively.

The survey indicates that the majority of respondents believe AI should be approached cautiously, especially when dealing with nuanced matters related to faith and spirituality. Only 27% of Americans expressed trust in an AI tool’s response to a question about Christian teachings and beliefs.

Interestingly, Christians exhibit slightly higher trust in AI tool responses regarding their beliefs than non-Christians, with 29% and 23% trust levels, respectively.

Implications and recommendations

The findings from this survey carry significant implications for both the Christian community and leaders considering the integration of AI into faith-related contexts. Firstly, Christians’ higher level of trust in AI for answering nuanced questions about faith suggests a potential need for enhanced digital literacy programs within Christian communities.

Secondly, the lower levels of trust exhibited by non-Christians regarding AI and faith imply that Christian leaders should exercise caution when using AI as a tool for evangelism or apologetics, as it may be met with skepticism or outright distrust.

These survey results follow a previous Barna report from November, which revealed that 51% of respondents believed AI to have a negative impact on the Church overall, while only 22% viewed it positively. These findings highlight the diverse perspectives within the public regarding AI’s role in religious institutions.

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