Choose AssetStream If You Want To Grow Your Assets

Choose AssetStream If You Want To Grow Your Assets

Nowadays a considerable number of people are looking to grow their capital and build on their already available funds through investments or startups. Statistics show that the value of investments made in blockchain powered startups has increased by 1,321% between 2012 and 2017, which means platforms like AssetStream are becoming increasingly popular.

Investing is an important tool that can increase your assets noticeably, which will help you avoid situations where you don’t have the resources to make your dreams come true. Financial strength and education can definitely help you boost your assets.

AssetStream boosts your financial education to help you grow your assets

AssetStream is an innovative microfinancing P2P platform, which utilizes blockchain technology to provide improved financial services and financial education to people around the world.

By providing detailed information on the inner workings of the platform, AssetStream aims to educate people about important principles in financing and give them the opportunity to make more informed decisions about their assets.

AssetStream’s whitepaper details all important information related to the creation, mission, processes, and capabilities of the platform. You can find the answers to most questions you might have about the platform in this document.

The AssetStream one-pager is the shortcut you might find in the whitepaper, the value of one AST token, information on the ICO and a brief introduction of the team behind this microfinancing innovation.

What can you do on AssetStream?

AssetStream offers three different roles you can play on the system: you can become a lender, a borrower or an investor.

  • Become a Lender

Becoming a lender on AssetStream is an easy process, and a very rewarding way to invest your money and grow your assets over time. The platform offers a variable interest rate between 0.75 and 4% yield on a monthly basis. Giving out your assets as loans actually increase them over time, while simply saving does nothing for asset growth. AssetStream provides the following for lenders:

  • Diversification – there are a number of different SMEs and personal requests for loans you can respond to, which allows you to diversify your portfolio.
  • Regulation – as AssetStream is a self-regulated system, everyone participating in the platform must first provide detailed personal information.
  • Punctuality – borrowers and lenders all have to abide by the terms outlined in the smart contract, which means that lenders are receiving monthly repayments.
  • Become a borrower

Being a borrower on AssetStream is another opportunity for you to boost your finances. Have you been dreaming of starting a small business, but never got to save enough money? AssetStream provides accessible funding, which may help you plan out and start your successful SME, which in turn will definitely bring a spike in your assets. By being a borrower you are guaranteed:

  • Flexibility – borrowers can suggest a suitable interest rate for every loan they take and can choose the durability and amount they would like to get
  • Fast processing – candidacies, approvals and transactions happen in a matter of seconds, thanks to the blockchain technology
  • Easy application – the application process is as simplified as possible and only takes several minutes on your part
  • Become an investor

AssetStream is also a great opportunity for an investment. You get the chance to support the development of the platform by investing a part of your assets. Every project that you participate in on the platform will bring you a cut of the interest gathered on the project. When you become an investor you will get:

  • Sense of helping others – as an investor, you can invest in a project that helps the unbanked drop that status. You’ll be a part of growing and helping the community.
  • Income – You’ll be investing in a growing platform that has a potential to cross international borders, and generating strong returns.

AssetStream has a noble mission to eradicate the issues of unbanked people, marginalized and poor communities and give them access to financial instruments. This is an awesome opportunity to invest your money, grow your assets and help people in the meantime.

Plenty of options to choose from

AssetStream is an amazing opportunity to build upon your financial knowledge, and also boost your assets by investing them.

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