Chinese Innovations Shine at International Robot Exhibition in Japan

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    • iREX 2023 showcased cutting-edge robotics and AI applications, emphasizing sustainable solutions.

    • Chinese exhibitors, including Mech-Mind Robotics and Aubo Robotics, led with innovative AI-integrated and collaborative robots.

    • Chinese robotic products are gaining global recognition for quality and cost-effectiveness, expanding their international presence.

The International Robot Exhibition (iREX 2023), one of the world’s largest robotics expos, is captivating audiences with cutting-edge technologies and innovative robotic applications. Held every two years, this year’s event, themed “Sustainable Societies Through Robotics,” marked a significant milestone as it returned to an offline format after four years of virtual showcases. The event took place at Tokyo Big Sight, known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, and featured a robust Chinese presence.

AI-integrated robots to shape smarter operations

The expo exhibited a wide array of robotic products integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology. These robots demonstrated their capabilities in autonomous learning, autonomous decision-making, and collaborative tasks, showcasing their potential for smarter operations across various industries. While the offline event spanned four days, the online exhibition will continue until December 15.

Record-breaking scale and international participation

iREX 2023 set new records, hosting 654 companies and organizations from 18 countries and regions, occupying a total of 3,508 booths. The number of overseas exhibitors more than doubled compared to the previous event, with 121 international companies and organizations presenting their products and services. Among these, Chinese exhibitors stood out, with approximately 50 companies showcasing their innovations.

Mech-mind robotics lead the charge

Chinese AI+3D intelligent industrial robot solution provider, Mech-Mind Robotics Technologies, stole the spotlight with its extensive exhibition. Covering an impressive 378 square meters, Mech-Mind Robotics presented nearly 30 of its latest intelligent robot applications. These applications spanned various sectors, including logistics and new energy, and featured innovations such as industrial 3D cameras capable of scanning transparent objects and robotic bin-picking solutions driven by an in-house AI platform. Visitors marveled at the versatility and sophistication of Mech-Mind Robotics’ offerings.

Empowering industrial robots with “Eyes” and “Brains”

Shao Tianlan, the founder and CEO of Mech-Mind Robotics, emphasized the role of artificial intelligence in transforming industrial robots into intelligent machines. He explained that Mech-Mind Robotics focuses on providing the “eyes” and “brains” for industrial robots, empowering them to thrive in the era of intelligence. The company’s intelligent 3D vision system for robots, which includes guidance and measurement capabilities, can be applied across various industrial fields, indicating a broad market potential.

Strong Japanese partnerships

Mech-Mind Robotics has made significant inroads into the Japanese market, forming partnerships with renowned Japanese companies such as Yaskawa Electric, Denso Corporation, and Kawasaki. These collaborations highlight the adaptability and relevance of Mech-Mind Robotics’ products and technologies in the Japanese context.

Aubo Robotics Technology, a leading provider of collaborative robots, showcased an impressive lineup of robots with diverse functionalities. Massage therapy robots, barista robots, and waterproof robots demonstrated their precision and coordination, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Aubo Robotics Technology stands out as a “little giant” in China’s robotics landscape, excelling in the niche market of collaborative robots. These robots, known for their quality and cost-effectiveness, are gaining recognition in global markets, including Japan.

Chinese innovation going global

James Li, CEO of Aubo Robotics, emphasized that Chinese robotic products, characterized by their high quality and cost-effectiveness, are steadily gaining recognition and market share in overseas markets. The International Robot Exhibition serves as a vital platform for Chinese companies to showcase their innovations, engage with global stakeholders, and explore strategic opportunities to expand their global footprint.

The International Robot Exhibition (iREX) 2023 in Tokyo has highlighted the remarkable advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence. Chinese exhibitors have played a significant role in shaping the future of robotics, with Mech-Mind Robotics and Aubo Robotics Technology leading the charge. These companies have demonstrated the potential of AI-integrated robots and collaborative robots in various industries, showcasing China’s prowess in the global robotics landscape. As robotics continues to evolve, international collaboration and innovation will pave the way for a smarter and more sustainable future.

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