China mobile launches blockchain water purifier with crypto reward system

Chinese telco tycoon is taking Blockchain development to a new level with its incorporation in the daily routine product that would allow product manufacturing companies to collect data through the internet of things (IoT).

China Mobile is incorporating the blockchain technology in water purifier along with a computer chip that would allow data collection on one hand and reward customers on the other hand.

The reward-based program would be enabled through a blockchain based token PWMC that customer would be able to earn as a reward and use it for product repairs and maintenance such as water filter replacement. Users would also be able to purchase more products using the coin.

The product’s marketing director at the telco giant Xiao Yi expressed that the product would leverage the reward program against the competition.

The provider is looking to expand cryptocurrency and blockchain into the daily routine as a mean to bring more people onto both the cryptocurrency and blockchain network community.

China Mobile has partnered with two blockchain based startups Jingtum and MOAC for the product, and the sales would be facilitated by the joint venture dubbed “Chain Infinity.”

The blockchain backbone would be based on SWTC, a public blockchain by the partner Jingtum. The purifier is the second product in the chain of products the joint venture is producing at the moment.

Earlier in 2018, the joint venture also produced and launched a blockchain based television model that allows cloud mining and reward for customers.