China launches government-back Metaverse


  • China unveils government-backed metaverse.
  • Over 200 experts attend Nanjing 2023 Metaverse Conference.
  • Nanxin University is confident in co-building the Metaverse platform.
  • Jianye District pioneers government-led metaverse ecosystem.

In an innovative stride towards a digitally interconnected future, China unveiled its first government-led metaverse ecosystem. This initiative marks a major step in China’s journey towards establishing itself as a pioneer in the rapidly evolving metaverse industry.

All eyes are on China as they boldly take the leap forward into the exciting realm of technological innovation with this impressive launch.

China unveils govt-funded Metaverse

The announcement took place at the Nanjing 2023 Metaverse Application Co-creation Conference, an event marked by the confluence of scholars, business representatives, and more than 200 Metaverse technical experts from diverse institutions across China.

A key figure at the event was Li Beiqun, president of Nanxin University, an institution that established the first Metaverse Engineering Department in the country in September 2022.

Li expressed confidence in Nanxin University’s ability to co-build the China Metaverse technology and application innovation platform.

Drawing upon the university’s history of innovation and the integration of local governments and renowned enterprises, Li revealed a vision for a future where schools and businesses engage in more profound cooperation, enhancing development on a broader, deeper level.

In a significant move earlier in February 2022, Jianye District paved the way for the country’s first government-led metaverse ecosystem. This initiative was focused on the creation of a “finance + digital economy” industrial chain.

Yuan Ting, Deputy District Mayor of Jianye District People’s Government, expressed her belief that this new platform would foster innovation in the Metaverse industry, opening fresh avenues for economic development.

Similarly, Wang Jianhua, president of the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association, highlighted the association’s role in the construction of collaborative innovation platforms.

Wang pledged to draw upon the talent and technological prowess of universities to further the seamless integration of government, industry, and research.

Envisioning the future: The Metaverse and beyond

As it stands, the metaverse is a nascent field, one where resources are dispersed across a range of sectors. This situation underscores the importance of establishing an industry organization to enhance communication, collaboration, and the efficient use of resources.

The potential of the metaverse to be a vital new sector of China’s future economy is apparent, and the focus is on facilitating its growth in compliance with national strategic planning and implementation.

The role of educational institutions like Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology is pivotal here. They are dedicating their efforts towards metaverse teaching and research, as well as the transformation of personnel training and achievements, making a significant contribution to the development of metaverse-related industries.

With the launch of this Metaverse Innovation Platform, China signals a future of intensive digital economic integration with the metaverse. The platform, which boasts of participation from leading universities and institutions across China, aims to intensify joint technology R&D, ethics, business models, and venture capital experts.

By doing so, it endeavors to spur the digital and intelligent transformation of various industries, contributing positively to China’s goal of establishing an independent, self-governed metaverse industrial ecosystem.

In the grand scheme of things, China’s launch of this government-backed Metaverse cements its position at the forefront of the next wave of digital revolution.

As the world watches, China continues to pave the way, shaping the narrative of the Metaverse and steering the future of digital innovation.

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