China collaborates with Huawei and other tech giants to pioneer metaverse development

China collaborates with Huawei and other tech giants to pioneer metaverse development

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  • China has established a working group for metaverse standardization, including tech firms like Huawei and Tencent.
  • China plans to develop blockchain technologies like non-fungible tokens despite a cryptocurrency ban.
  • Metaverse growth may boost Chinese tech stocks, impacting the global tech industry.

In a significant move to shape the future of the metaverse industry, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has established a dedicated working group. This initiative, announced on January 19, marks a concerted effort by the world’s second-largest economy to standardize and drive growth in this emerging sector. The task force, comprising government officials, academic scholars, and corporate representatives from tech giants such as Huawei, Ant Group, Tencent, and others, aims to unify the industry through foundational standards and terminologies.

Addressing the metaverse’s ambiguities

The formation of this group addresses a crucial need for clarity in the metaverse realm. The MIIT has recognized the absence of a unified definition of the metaverse, which has led to speculative practices and a deviation from practical applications. By establishing basic standards, the ministry intends to streamline investments and foster collaborative efforts for industrial advancement. This strategic move is also seen as an attempt to curb the speculative frenzy and bring the concept back to its practical value, thus supporting the healthy development of the metaverse industry.

China’s vision for Web3 and the metaverse market

Despite its stance on cryptocurrency, China continues to embrace blockchain technology, promoting the development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications. The MIIT has outlined plans to formulate strategic documents guiding the development path of Web3. This progressive approach is evident in the ambitious goals set by provinces like Sichuan and Shandong, which are aiming to grow their metaverse industries to significant market sizes by 2025. Analysts from JPMorgan have hinted at the potential uptick in value for Chinese tech stocks, with major web and non-web companies poised to benefit from the metaverse’s growth.

The establishment of this working group by China is a clear indication of the country’s commitment to leading the metaverse sector. By focusing on standardization and industry guidance, China aims to ensure the metaverse’s orderly and healthy development. This initiative could have far-reaching impacts on the global tech landscape, influencing market trends and technological advancements in the years to come.

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