China continues its relentless US dollar exodus


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  • China’s state-run banks are selling off US dollars to bolster the Chinese Yuan following a negative outlook from Moody’s.
  • This aggressive move aims to reduce China’s dependency on the US dollar and strengthen the Yuan in global markets.
  • Despite short-term success, there are doubts about the long-term sustainability of this strategy in the face of ongoing currency volatility.

China’s recent move to offload a substantial amount of US dollars from its currency reserves marks another chapter in the country’s ongoing strategy to reduce its dependency on the US currency.

This decisive action, initiated by Chinese state-run banks, unfolded over three consecutive days this week, signifying a major shift in the global currency dynamics.

The maneuver follows the downgrading of China’s economic outlook by Moody’s, a decision that threatened to weaken the Chinese Yuan in global markets.

Strategic Dollar Dump to Bolster the Yuan

In response to Moody’s downgrade, China’s financial institutions have upped their game, aggressively selling US dollars and purchasing Chinese Yuan. This move is not just about financial rebalancing; it’s a tactical play to boost the Yuan’s standing against the dollar.

While the first two days saw a robust sell-off of US dollars, the activity on Wednesday was comparatively milder, as reported by Reuters.

Nevertheless, the underlying message is loud and clear: China is determined to prop up its currency, even amidst fluctuating global economic conditions.

However, financial analysts are skeptical about the long-term viability of this approach. The concern is that such tactics, while impactful in the short term, might not offer a sustainable solution to the challenges posed by Moody’s rating.

China’s approach reflects a broader trend among BRICS nations, who are collectively striving to diminish their reliance on the US dollar and elevate their local currencies.

The Yuan’s Fluctuating Fortunes

The Chinese Yuan currently grapples with its lowest value against the US dollar in 16 years, having plunged to 7.15 this December. This decline is in stark contrast to the US dollar’s robust performance, buoyed by solid US job data, which has only intensified the pressure on the Yuan.

Over the last 30 days, the Yuan has tumbled by 6.14% against the dollar, and year-to-date, it remains down by 3%. This trend highlights the volatile nature of the Yuan in a dollar-dominated world, where even BRICS nations are not immune to the influence of the US currency.

China’s rigorous efforts to sell off US dollars and purchase Yuan is a direct counter-strategy to this trend, reflecting its commitment to fortify its local currency against global economic headwinds.

China’s actions go beyond mere currency manipulation; they signify a strategic shift in the global economic power balance. By reducing its reliance on the US dollar, China is not just protecting its currency; it’s also challenging the long-standing global financial order.

This bold move could have far-reaching implications, potentially reshaping how global trade and finance are conducted. China’s recent dollar dumping spree is a clear indication of its determination to assert the Yuan’s prominence on the global stage.

While the immediate impact of this strategy has been to counter the negative outlook from Moody’s, the long-term implications could be much more significant.

China’s actions may well herald a new era in global finance, one where the dominance of the US dollar is increasingly contested by emerging economic powers like China.

As the global economic landscape continues to evolve, the world watches keenly to see how China’s unrelenting exodus from the US dollar will play out in the grand scheme of international finance.

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