ChatGPT Makes Predictions for 2024


  • ChatGPT vs. Councillor: Predicting 2024’s quirkiest scenarios!
  • AI model ChatGPT’s role in shaping 2024’s whimsical predictions.
  • Councillor McNair’s humorous take on 2024, from politics to potholes.

Artificial Intelligence model ChatGPT is known for its ability to generate text, but can it also predict the future? Alistair McNair, a Conservative councillor, put ChatGPT to the test by asking it to make some predictions for the year 2024. Here are the predictions and analysis of whether they are McNair’s or ChatGPT’s.

US presidential race: A new face in 2024?

One prediction for 2024 suggests that neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden will be the next US president, leaving room for someone else to take the helm. McNair contemplates the possibility of Nikki Haley stepping into the spotlight. This prediction is a mixture of McNair’s speculation and ChatGPT’s contribution.

The rise of the greens in the UK

McNair raises eyebrows with his prediction that the Green Party will become the largest party in the next UK general election. The suggestion seems to have taken him by surprise, and it’s likely his own take on the political landscape in 2024.

Brighton and Hove’s unique renaming

According to McNair, the Labour Party might decide to rename the city of Brighton and Hove to “Brighton and Hove Botanical City,” with a twist – compulsory weeds. Residents might even be tasked with planting invasive species like bindweed and Japanese knotweed on their pavements. This peculiar forecast appears to be McNair’s invention.

Language evolution: “Procrasti-napping”

The Oxford English Dictionary may see a new entry in 2024 – “procrasti-napping,” meaning taking a nap instead of engaging in productive activities. McNair humorously admits his inclination to engage in such procrastination. This forecast seems to be his own humorous take on modern behavior.

Brighton and Hove: The off-road City

A rather unconventional prediction suggests that Brighton and Hove will declare itself the first off-road city in the world, forgoing the repair of potholes and offering residents a discount on tires instead. This imaginative idea is likely McNair’s own creation.

Virtual therapy and AI relationships

The prediction that AI-powered therapists will gain popularity, and people may start dating their virtual therapists due to their unwavering advice and lack of interruptions, seems to align with the technological advancements of our time. This forecast is probably McNair’s perspective on the potential evolution of therapy and relationships.

Identity declarations in politics

In a playful prediction, McNair suggests that Sir Keir Starmer might declare himself a man, only to later declare himself a woman. This whimsical idea appears to be McNair’s humorous take on the fluidity of political identity.

A royal pavilion’s return?

A bold forecast proposes that Brighton and Hove may return the Royal Pavilion to India. While a creative idea, it is unlikely to be a serious prediction for the year 2024. This speculation seems to originate from McNair’s imagination.

Brighton’s graffiti festival

An artistic prediction suggests that Brighton will host its first graffiti festival, and since the city is already adorned with graffiti, a volunteer is only needed to design a route map. This idea appears to be McNair’s vision for a creative event in Brighton.

Sarcasm prevention on social media

McNair predicts that social media platforms will introduce a “sarcasm alert” feature, automatically adding sarcastic emojis to posts to prevent misunderstandings. This prediction reflects the evolving nature of online communication and is likely McNair’s humorous outlook on social media trends.

Keir vs. Rishi: The word of the year

The final prediction leaves us with a choice between two names – Keir and Rishi. McNair explores the meanings behind these names, with Keir meaning “dark or dusky” and Rishi meaning “Hindu sage or saint.” While the prediction itself is not explicitly stated, McNair’s preference for the word “Rishi” is apparent.

While ChatGPT can generate text and provide information, the predictions presented here are primarily the creation of Alistair McNair, a Conservative councillor with a knack for humor and imaginative foresight. The year 2024 may bring surprises, but these predictions offer a unique glimpse into McNair’s playful take on the possibilities that lie ahead.

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