ChatGPT Leads 2023’s Brand Growth Surge, Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement


  • ChatGPT was named the fastest-growing brand of 2023 by Morning Consult, reflecting its significant rise in consumer interest.
  • The report highlighted the difference in consumer trust and consideration, with ChatGPT seeing a major increase in interest but lower trust compared to brands like Microsoft.
  • Other brands such as Starry, Major League Soccer, and Kraft also experienced growth, driven by unique partnerships, celebrity influence, and sustainability efforts.

In a landmark year for generative artificial intelligence, ChatGPT emerged as the standout brand, achieving a dramatic spike in consumer interest. This year was defined by technological innovation, debates over AI’s impact on employment, and significant developments within OpenAI. The “Fastest Growing Brands 2023” report by Morning Consult placed ChatGPT at the pinnacle, highlighting its significant influence and rapid growth in public consciousness.

The methodology behind the ranking

Morning Consult’s approach to determining the fastest-growing brands focused on the change in consumer consideration over a specific period. The data revealed that ChatGPT experienced a notable 10.5-point increase in consumer consideration, jumping from 5.9% in January to 16.4% in October across the US adult population. This metric underscores the brand’s capacity to captivate and expand its user base significantly within a short period.

Comparative brand analysis

The report provided a broader perspective on brand growth, offering insights into how other brands performed in 2023. For example, Facebook also witnessed a substantial rise in consumer consideration, albeit less pronounced than ChatGPT’s. The surge in ChatGPT’s popularity was attributed to its late 2022 release and the extensive media coverage that followed, sparking peak interest in June.

Consumer trust versus consideration

The report also sheds light on the nuanced relationship between consumer interest and trust. While brands like Shein gained traction among budget-conscious millennials, their appeal was less pronounced with the environmentally mindful Gen Z demographic. Similarly, Zelle saw an increase in trust following its efforts to educate consumers about scam prevention. Notably, only 22% of consumers expressed trust in ChatGPT, compared to a higher trust level of 59% for Microsoft, which holds a significant stake in ChatGPT’s parent company, OpenAI.

Broader market movements

Apart from AI, the report highlighted other brands that made significant strides in 2023. Starry, PepsiCo’s rebranded version of Sierra Mist, secured the second spot, buoyed by an NBA partnership and a strong presence on TikTok. Major League Soccer also experienced a boost, particularly among millennials, attributed to Lionel Messi’s debut in the US. Among Gen Z, Kraft stood out, with its sustainability initiatives and iconic boxed mac and cheese resonating strongly with younger consumers.


The landscape of consumer brand growth in 2023 was diverse, with technology and AI, represented by ChatGPT, taking a central role. This shift underscores a broader trend in consumer behavior and market dynamics, where technological innovation, brand trust, and demographic-specific appeal play crucial roles in shaping brand growth trajectories. As companies adapt to these trends, the evolution of consumer engagement and brand perception continues to offer fascinating insights into the ever-changing world of brand marketing and consumer preferences.

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