CFTC votes on a rule to secure customer funds in derivatives


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  • The Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposes a new rule to protect customer funds in derivatives trading.
  • This rule mandates segregating customer and house funds by derivatives clearing organisations.
  • The proposal responds to the FTX collapse and aims to prevent similar financial mismanagement.

In a significant development more than a year after the collapse of FTX, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has moved to enhance protections for customers engaged in derivatives trading. The proposed rule, titled “Protection of clearing member funds held by derivatives clearing organisations,” aims to introduce stringent measures to safeguard customer funds, particularly those of retail investors.

This new regulation requires derivatives clearing organizations (DCOs), registered and clear trades with the CFTC, to separate customer funds from their operating funds. The initiative comes in the wake of the FTX bankruptcy, highlighting the need for improved regulatory frameworks to prevent similar incidents in the future.

CFTC Commissioner Kristin Johnson emphasized the urgency of this proposal, citing FTX’s bankruptcy and the significant risks it posed to customers due to the lack of stringent regulations against the commingling of funds. FTX, which was not registered with the CFTC, had allegedly mixed customer funds, leading to the misappropriation of billions in customer assets by its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried.

New CFTC rule bridges regulatory gaps

The voting on this proposal saw CFTC Commissioners Summer Mersinger and Christy Goldsmith Romero opposing the move, while CFTC Commissioner Johnson, Chair Rostin Behnam, and Commissioner Caroline Pham supported it. This split decision underscores the varying perspectives within the commission regarding the approach to regulating the evolving digital assets market.

CFTC Chair Behnam pointed out the current regulatory gap, noting that while protections exist for customer funds with futures commissions merchants, similar safeguards are not in place for clearing members of a DCO. The proposed rule aims to bridge this gap by mandating the segregation of clearing member funds and ensuring their safekeeping in recognised depositories.

This proposal also aligns with the broader regulatory trends in the crypto industry, as evidenced by the commission’s decision to grant a license to the crypto derivatives exchange Bitnomial. As a newly licensed DCO, Bitnomial is set to clear futures and options trades, positioning itself as pioneering in integrating digital assets into traditional derivative trading platforms.

Luke Hoersten, CEO of Bitnomial, highlighted the exchange’s ambition to revolutionize derivative trading by incorporating digital assets as collateral. This move signals a significant shift in the derivatives market, expanding beyond traditional financial instruments to embrace the growing relevance of cryptocurrencies and digital commodities.

Derivatives market awaits the impact of the CFTC proposal

The CFTC’s proposal is now open for public comment, allowing stakeholders to weigh in on these critical regulatory changes. This period of public scrutiny is crucial for refining the rule and ensuring its effectiveness in safeguarding customer interests in the volatile and rapidly evolving derivatives market.

The response from the derivatives and crypto industries will be closely watched as these sectors adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape. The proposal, if enacted, could herald a new era of transparency and security in derivatives trading, providing a much-needed safeguard against the risks highlighted by the FTX collapse.

The CFTC’s move to bolster customer protections in derivatives trading marks a pivotal step in the right direction. By mandating the segregation of customer funds and enhancing oversight, the commission aims to prevent future instances of financial mismanagement and instill greater confidence in the derivatives market. As the industry and public engage in the commentary process, the ultimate impact of this proposal on the market dynamics and investor confidence remains to be seen.

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