Centralized nodes put down Stellar network; nobody notices

The stellar utilizes the network design similar to that of Ripple. Recently, a shutdown for 2-hours has been witnessed on the stellar network. This breakdown was only noticed by a few people and most of the people were not aware of this case.

The tweet by Tim Swanson was as followed

This is a serious question on the decentralization of the stellar network. The chief scientist of Stellar said that this network is highly centralized and therefore its security is a massive issue.

The researchers analyzed that if there would be two defective centralized nodes i.e. not able to receive or send a message because of DDoS the whole network will be blocked.

While on the other hand, the founder of the cryptocurrency Stellar, Jed McCaleb says that this breakdown of the network was not solely because of the centralized nodes as they are working on different plans to make people less dependent on the nodes.

It is estimated that the network would run even without the SDF nodes. As, the activities and operations on the stellar are smaller in comparison with the Bitcoin and EOS therefore, this issue went unnoticed and the majority of the people are still ignorant.

This breakdown was just like that the majority of the miners were offline on the Bitcoin, and some of them were not able to comprehend the support.

Ripple and Stellar work in the fraudulent marketplace, now Stellar is looking forward to collaborating with IBM to enhance the network issues and bring recent advancements.