CCData unveils key insights in February stablecoin and CBDC market report: Details


  • CCData’s February 2024 report highlights a 1.95% increase in stablecoin market capitalization to $138 billion, despite a decrease in market dominance.
  • Significant events include the de-pegging of MIM stablecoin due to a smart contract exploit and a surge in FDUSD trading volume following a spot Bitcoin ETF approval.
  • Ethena Labs’ launch of its USDe stablecoin contributed to a market cap increase, showcasing emerging trends and innovations in the stablecoin sector.

CCData, a leading digital asset data analysis authority, has released its much-anticipated “Stablecoins & CBDCs” report for February 2024. 

CCData on the stablecoin sector

The report offers a comprehensive overview of the stablecoin sector, which has become an integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With a focus on market capitalization, trading volumes, and the evolving landscape of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), CCData provides invaluable insights for a diverse audience ranging from casual crypto enthusiasts to seasoned investors and regulatory bodies. This latest edition underscores the continued growth of stablecoins, marking a 1.95% increase in total market capitalization to $138 billion – the highest since December 2022. Despite this growth, the dominance of stablecoins within the cryptocurrency market has decreased.

Critical events and market movements

The February report highlights several key developments affecting the stablecoin market. Among these, the de-pegging incident of the Magic Internet Money (MIM) stablecoin stands out. Following a smart contract exploit, MIM’s value plummeted to $0.86, resulting in a substantial financial loss for its issuer, Abracadabra Money. Despite the setback, the stablecoin’s market capitalization has stabilized, with a resurgence fueled by a version 3 upgrade and its expansion across new blockchain networks.

Another noteworthy development is the surge in trading volume of FDUSD pairs, particularly following the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. The report details a 51.1% increase in trading volume, elevating FDUSD to one of the most traded pairs in the cryptocurrency market. This surge is emblematic of the growing investor interest and market dynamics shaping the landscape of digital assets.

The report also sheds light on emerging players in the stablecoin market, such as Ethena Labs. The company’s launch of its public mainnet and the introduction of its yield-bearing stablecoin, USDe, have significantly impacted the market. By allowing users to deposit liquid staking tokens, ETH, or USDC, Ethena Labs has facilitated access to a new form of stablecoin, contributing to a $47 million increase in USDe’s market capitalization.

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