CBDC: US Federal Reserve lists job offering


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  • US federal reserve is looking to hire an experience CBDC and Stablecoin Research Manager.
  • The body previously published a paper discussing the effect of a national digital currency on the country’s financial system.
  • Other countries are also working on a CBDC project.

In its attempt to accelerate its works on a central bank digital currency (CBDC) project, the US Federal Reserve have posted a job opening for a CBDC and Stablecoin Research Manager on LinkedIn.

US Federal Reserves wants to hire a CBDC manager

According to the job description, the position offers a management position in the Digital Innovations Policy Program. As such, candidates would need at least a minimum experience of six years in a related field and they also must be a graduate to qualify for the position.

The job would involve the manager providing leadership to a team of researchers while also developing and executing administrative duties. It also would involve supervising a section of staff of the agency. Not only that, the selected candidate would provide some level of guidance for international financial institutions around the world.

As of press time, only 15 people have applied for the position. 

CBDC projects are on the rise 

The numbers of countries working on CBDC projects are on the rise in recent times. The Federal Reseves of the United States government had earlier published a paper on the project in November last year.

In this paper, the federal agency had detailed how a national digital currency was going to affect banks, monetary policies and the financial stability of the country. The paper also highlighted that major features of the currency would be its use as an alternative payment method and a viable store of value too.

However, the United States is not the only country working on a CBDC project. Cryptopolitan has severally detailed the works being done by the governments of countries like China, the Bahamas, Sweden, Japan and even the European Union on a viable digital currency for their citizens.

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