Catherine Coley will be governing Binance US

Catherine Coley, who used to be Ripple’s Institutional Liquidity executive will become the CEO of Binance US, according to BAM’s announcement.

BAM is the company under which the Binance subsidiary will be operating, therefore the announcement is indeed legitimate.

Many are saying that Coley was a great choice as she has local market experience in not only cryptocurrency liquidity provisions, but also the FX industry.

Naturally, Coley is very happy to accept the position and promises to bring exactly the amount of value from Binance US as the community is expecting.

Due to the fact that we don’t really know just what kind of exchange Binance US will be it’s quite early to speculate about Coley’s responsibilities in the company.

But it’s obvious that she will have to have a very close relationship with Changpeng Zhao as the brand needs to live up to its parent company’s name.

Many investors are quite happy with Coley’s addition to the team as they believe she will bring a whole slew of experience to the company and help it grow in the US market.

The regulatory zig zags that will most definitely be a necessity are definitely going to be on Coley’s to do list but the rest is currently a mystery.

Some traders are saying that she will just be a brand ambassador and nothing else and that Binance itself will manage its subsidiary from the background.