Cardano postpones Vasil hardfork after detecting new bugs

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  • Cardano extends its Vasil hardfork upgrade date
  • The network wants to work on new bugs
  • The upgrade will enable improvements in the network

Cardano has announced that its upcoming and anticipated Vasil upgrade, scheduled to occur on June 29, has been postponed. According to several reports, Input Output Hong Kong, the parent company responsible for Cardano, said it was disheartening to release the heartbreaking news. Considering this, the upgrade has now been scheduled to hold in one month, specifically in July.

Cardano wants to tackle new bugs on the network

According to Cardano, the upcoming Vasil upgrade will ensure that the network witnesses an increase in performance. Asides from that, the statement also said that the smart contract capabilities of the network would also be looked into. Giving these details and other news was the company’s founder, Charles Hoskinson. In his statement, the projected date of the update will be around July 29, making it precisely a month’s postponement.

One of the company’s top executives mentioned that developers have been working tirelessly to ensure that the upgrade launched when it was supposed to. However, they recently discovered some bugs which will need to be tackled before the launch of the new upgrade. In his statement, the executive in question, Nigel Helmsley, also mentioned that the bugs were not serious and would be fixed in the shortest amount of time possible.

The upgrade will enable improvements in the network

According to the top executive, the developers are doing an excellent and complex job in relation to the Vasil upgrade over the last few months. He mentioned that aside from the work the in-house Cardano developers are putting in, they would need coordination from programs across the crypto ecosystem. With this, the executive also mentioned that the upgrade will no longer undergo testing on June 20 as it has now been shifted to June 29. Once it has been put in place, the company mentioned that network users have about a month to carry out several tests and integrations.

Should the network flow smoothly, the company will deploy the upgrade to the mainnet. Helmsley also mentioned that every process in the upgrade is integral, and they do not need to rush but apologized for disappointing the network users. This coming hard fork will be the biggest ever on the network and will see more network improvements come to life. The new upgrade is scheduled to limit the block, which would see a massive reduction in fees and a great increase in throughput.

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