Cardano’s Lace wallet unveils cutting-edge 1.7 update


  • Lace Cardano lite wallet version 1.7 introduces enhanced multi-staking options.
  • The update improves user insights for optimal staking pool management.
  • The wallet now has improved integration with ledger devices and DApps.

In a significant development for the Cardano blockchain community, the Lace Cardano lite wallet, developed by Input Output Global (IOG), has released a notable update. Version 1.7 introduces enhanced multi-staking options, improving insights for users on optimal times for retiring and saturating staking pools. This move reflects the developers’ commitment to evolving the Lace Wallet with logical and user-centric improvements.

User interface and functionality overhaul

The latest iteration of the Lace Wallet sees a substantial overhaul in user interface design, prioritizing ease of network switching. This change aims to streamline the user experience, particularly for those engaging with various blockchain networks. The Lace team has also undertaken comprehensive load testing on the backend using HD wallets, ensuring robust performance even under high-demand scenarios.

Moreover, the wallet now boasts improved integration with ledger devices and Decentralized Applications (DApps), thanks to an enhanced serialization library in the cardano-js-sdk. These developments highlight the team’s focus on creating a seamless and flexible platform for users, accommodating a wide range of blockchain interactions.

The update also brings advancements in Web3.0 compatibility, including a semi-automatic collateral setup for CIP-30 and refactoring complex code areas. The development team has significantly increased end-to-end test automation coverage, laying the groundwork for future updates and features.

Further, the team is actively exploring CIP-95, related to the upcoming Voltaire phase of Cardano’s development. These steps indicate a proactive approach in aligning with Cardano’s evolving roadmap, ensuring that Lace remains at the forefront of wallet technology.

Parallel to these updates, the Marlowe team, integral to the Cardano ecosystem, has made notable strides in enhancing the efficiency of the FindTxsFor operation and the chain indexer. These improvements are critical in optimizing transaction searches and maintaining a streamlined blockchain ledger.

The Marlowe team has also been busy testing the vesting DApp prototype, publishing a token plan README, and enhancing the Marlowe Runner functionality. These efforts aim to broaden the protocol’s utility, making it more accessible and functional for users.

Hydra’s Progress and Cardano’s Scalability

Complementing these developments, the team behind Hydra, Cardano’s main scaling solution, has been active in the community. They recently delivered a talk and workshop at the Cardano Summit and released their October report. Hydra’s progress is crucial for Cardano’s scalability, ensuring the network can efficiently handle increased transaction volumes.

These efforts underscore Cardano’s reputation as one of the most resilient blockchain networks. With 74.8 million transactions processed in the past week, the blockchain is capable of high-volume, secure transactions.

As Cardano continues to evolve, the Lace Wallet’s latest updates significantly enhance user experience and functionality. The focus on user interface improvements, backend efficiency, and proactive alignment with Cardano’s roadmap shows a clear commitment to meeting user needs and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology. With these updates, Lace Wallet is set to remain a key player in the Cardano ecosystem, offering users a powerful, intuitive, and flexible platform for their blockchain interactions.

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