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Cardano founder believes crypto sphere needs this spark

charles hoskinson on state of crypto

Charles Hoskinson is not a newbie in the cryptocurrency sphere nor in the tech world. The founder of Cardano believes that only a miraculous innovation can now help cryptocurrency mature for the next phase.

Hoskinson believes that the cryptocurrency industry needs what he called a “WiFi and Bluetooth” moment for internet technology to evolve in its life cycle and be able to reach more hands than ever before.

He believes that the cryptocurrency sphere has set forth in motion a series of events that has led to financial reshaping across the globe. And this is not limited to cryptocurrencies such as Cardano or Bitcoin but rather the conventional banking system as well.

Hoskinson referred to the power of WiFi technology that it is such a sheer global force that, in a way, binds Korea, Japan, and even the Americas. People across all locations are connected with a WiFi network across the globe.

His own cryptocurrency has been doing rather well in the long crypto winter and the currency is making its steps to the success very quietly. The currency has not only partnered with the acclaimed hardware wallet company Ledger but has also acquired user interest.

The current state of affairs in the cryptocurrency world is rather bleak. Investors are looking to make their returns in a long shot with very long term investments having the major ball in the play the system is going through the winter like state.

Saad B. Murtaza

Saad B. Murtaza

Journalist, Writer, Editor, Researcher, and Strategist with over 10 years of experience in the digital, print and public relations industries, Saad has been working with the mantra, Creativity, Quality and Punctuality. In his waning years promises to build a self-sustaining institute that provides free education. Carrying a diverse portfolio he has studied and written on topics related to cyber crimes, scams, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

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