Crypto Founder Charles Hoskinson Explains Decision to Keep No Public Crypto Addresses

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  • Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, does not have public crypto addresses to protect against potential risks from unauthorized transfers and regulatory challenges.
  • He prefers contingent settlement as an alternative approach, raising speculations about innovative applications within the Cardano blockchain or other projects.

In a departure from the norm among prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has revealed that he maintains no public crypto addresses. This surprising revelation has drawn attention and raised questions from the community. Hoskinson took to Twitter to provide a detailed explanation for his decision, citing security concerns as the primary motivation behind keeping his addresses private.

Security Concerns Drive Hoskinson’s Decision

As a well-known figure in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Charles Hoskinson’s decision to abstain from maintaining public crypto addresses may seem unusual at first. However, his reasoning revolves around security and the potential risks associated with open addresses. 

Hoskinson expressed concerns about unwanted funds being sent to his public addresses from individuals or entities located in sanctioned countries without his consent. Additionally, he raised the possibility of zealous senders attempting to transfer money through restricted channels, such as Tornado Cash, which could lead to the blacklisting of his addresses by authorities.

By opting for private profiles, Hoskinson seeks to safeguard his assets and protect himself from potential legal and regulatory complications. While this approach might differ from the practices of other crypto leaders, it underscores the growing importance of security and privacy measures in the cryptocurrency industry.

Contingent Settlement as an Alternative

In elaborating on his decision, Charles Hoskinson revealed that the challenges associated with maintaining public wallets were a significant factor in his preference for the concept of contingent settlement. Contingent settlement is a mechanism where certain conditions must be met for transactions to be completed successfully. By employing this method, Hoskinson can exercise more control over the flow of funds and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The mention of contingent settlement has sparked curiosity among the crypto community, leading to speculations about potential plans for its implementation. Some wonder if Hoskinson may be exploring innovative ways to leverage this approach within the Cardano blockchain or other projects he might be involved in. As the crypto space continues to evolve, such unconventional strategies could bring about exciting developments in the industry.

Benefits and Controversies Surrounding Public Addresses

Unlike Hoskinson, many leaders in the digital currency ecosystem maintain public addresses, which are commonly used for various purposes. For instance, projects, particularly memecoins seeking community trust, often send a portion of their tokens to the addresses of influential figures within the ecosystem. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, is one such individual who has benefited from this practice, receiving significant token allocations during the height of past bull markets.

However, the use of public addresses can also be controversial, as it raises questions about transparency and potential conflicts of interest. Some community members may question the motivation behind such token allocations and worry about the influence it may exert over the recipient’s actions and decisions. Buterin’s decision to donate the funds he received to charity in 2021 highlights the ethical considerations that come into play when receiving substantial token allocations.


Charles Hoskinson’s decision to abstain from maintaining public crypto addresses has shed light on the importance of security and privacy in the cryptocurrency space. His thoughtful explanation for this unconventional approach has garnered mixed reactions within the community, with some speculating about potential plans involving contingent settlement. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, innovative strategies like these could shape the future landscape of blockchain technology and its applications. Nevertheless, the use of public addresses remains a subject of debate, with both benefits and controversies surrounding their utilization among influential figures in the digital currency ecosystem.

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