Cardano ADA Cohorts Georgia to mend Educational System through Blockchain

caradno ada blockchain for education system project

The Cardano ADA community woke up to the pleasant news of its mightiest corporation. According to ADA founder’s tweet, the team has concluded a treaty with the state of Georgia, singing an MOU which symbols the foundation of a long term affiliation to expand the educational system of the country by exhausting ADA blockchain and Atala.


The declaration was acknowledged with much appreciation. The community members sprinkled commendations on Charles Hoskinson for the remarkable step. Most of them are of the view that the whole community has been anticipating this day.

Currently, Hoskinson has signed an MoU with the Department of Education and the Free University in Tbilisi, Georgia.

According to the reports, ADA will work to build a reliable system for authenticating authorizations by employing blockchain technology as it is a clear and indisputable system for data keeping.

Evidently, the platform will be accessible to the educational sector and the companies who positively want to authenticate IDs of staffs. this can help ADA in achieving greater heights.

Formerly, the team had also signed an MoU with the Science and Technology sector of Ethiopia last month. The Memorandum between the parties was to comprehend the implementation of blockchain technology in developing the agricultural sectors of the African states. Therefore, the ADA team will train blockchain designers in Africa to realize national goals.

ADA currently holds the 11th rank in most financed cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. It is presently swapping at zero point zero nine dollars ($0.09) per coin. It was at its peak in January 2018, sold at a dollar and 19 cents ($1.19).

Though the virtual currency market experienced the crypto winter, it has started attracting customers once again and anticipates seeing more acceptance in future.

The firm Atala is named after a butterfly that exists in Florida. As revealed by Forbes, Hoskinson launched Atala to provide financial services to billions of African nationals. Alternatively, ADA is a devolved stage capable of sending and receiving digital funds and data store.

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