Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 Update Tackles Dragonsplague and Pawn Behavior

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  • Capcom has got Dragonsplague & Pawn issues. Less infection rate, clear symptoms, and better interactions between pawns will be incoming.
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 patch reduces the scope of the Dragonsplague can be found more easily when the Pawn characters become less repetitive with more context.
  • Upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2 which will patch Dragonsplague propagation, bring down persistent “hire a Pawn” messages, allow for high-fives & avoid arrests resulting from town brawls.

In an upcoming patch for the highly anticipated Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom aims to address two significant issues that have been plaguing players: the Dragonsplague pox and the elusive logic behind Movements. This upcoming patch aims at eradicating such frustration associated with these in-game challenges, therefore leading to a real-world feeling and enjoyable experience for an adventurer.

Taming the Dragonsplague

There is one single thing that the whole community is afraid of – it is pawns succumbing to the Dragonsplague, the terrible disease that causes a slow death. In the upcoming update, Capcom has undertaken bold measures to counter the online danger inflicted by this harmful pest. The cases of the disease will not be that rampant, but the visible signs of the disease will be more conspicuous.

The respective announcement of the developer said that contaminated Pawns will have a brighter eye glow which would then make it easier for players to recognize the danger and respond accordingly. Without any doubt, this signal will help not to infect more people and minimize the serious consequences that are caused by the Dragonsplague.

Refining Pawn behavior

As invaluable partners on the heroes´ dangerous hike through Dragon’s Dogma 2, these companions’ behavior has been the main frustration engine for these players. These fears and concerns have not passed unacknowledged by Capcom who has accordingly put some appropriate measures to better the Pawn player experience.

These changes comprise less Pawns’ words dubbed as some of the sentences they tend to repeat most often. Now, dialogues will have majority of repetitive phrases removed and there will be less repetitive conversation, so conversations will not disappoint the player with the irrelevance of the dialogues.

Moreover, we will bring pawn’s dialogue lines into conformance with the challenges faced during the adventures which are presented exclusively throughout the game. As a result of this modification, Pawns can share information that is eventful and contextual, which all in all can give a better atmosphere and unity to the gameworld.

Capcom’s designers also ensured that the main Pawn does not respond to dialogue lines that are intended to be used by Supporting Pawns. This is a way of making the players in the main role a more authentic companion.

Turning off irritants and providing an immersive experience.

Not only the previously mentioned major changes but also the upcoming updates solve various small ones. The small ones that have driven the players crazy. An example will help you visualize AI traits; naturally, the problem of the Pawn insisting on being hired every moment of the game. Capcom identified this disadvantage and decided to limit the game frequency of these undesirable offers. This will allow villagers to better focus on their quests without countless interruptions.

Moreover, the update will deal with the ridiculous state where players could land in jail if they fight the monsters within town boundaries unintentionally. While there could be a small laughing audience initially, the developers, however, have realized that this could give rise to problems and are working hard to remove the negative effect.

The community enjoys the thrill of the hunt as the new patch promises to improve everything from gameplay experience to visual quality, so the anticipation level is high. By granting players a listening ear and giving a second thought to Dragon’s Dogma 2 matters, the maker has shown their determination to open the gaming experience to everyone who wants an exciting adventure.

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