Canadian authority keen on cleansing the system warns of scammer

The Canadian government is keen on crypto-transparency and keeping users safe from scammers. The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is one of the thirteen agencies working to keep the crypto-environment clean in Canada.

The BCSC has warned users to stay away from the Eyeline Trading and if already in the transaction be very careful of their investments since the unregistered company has been showing “suspicious” behavior. The trading company offers various crypto-trading options in Bitcoin and other currencies.

The website is offering a too good to be true package for investors who would hold their funds for a year or three hundred and sixty-five days in Eyecash, their own currency.

While the company offers a 0.66 percent per day profit and claims that investors can pull out their original investments along with the profit after the days complete.

Yet that the same time, the company is disclaiming any responsibility to make the profits they are offering nor are they offering any legitimate license to show for against the investments they are looking to gather.

BCSC is rigorously working against fake ICOs and scammers in the crypto-world leaving no room for insecure corners. The authority has added Eyeline Trading to the blacklist.

The company made it onto the blacklist on account of a solicitation case between the trading company and a British Columbian investor.

The base for this blacklist spot is the unregistered status of the company and the fact that the trading company is offering unbelievable profit and returns without any security to back their claims.