Canadian authorities seek $150k double Bitcoin spending on ATM suspects

Canadian authorities seek identification of cryptocurrency scammers who managed to spend their Bitcoins twice cashing out a total believed to be well over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) or over two hundred thousand Candian dollars (CAD 200,000).

A group of four men is at large in the Canada that successfully managed to work their way around the ATM protocols. The tools used are believed to be developed by the Canada based developer Peter Todd.

Todd is among the Bitcoin developers who developed a tool that allows processing transactions lost in the process, however, a tweaked version of the same is believed to be used for these scam transactions.

Canadian media reported that a total of one hundred and twelve (112) transactions have been made through the country where most took place in the Calgary province.

According to the police profiling, one of the suspects has attacked in the Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Hamilton area, while the other took the Calgary area for the attacks.

The other two suspects in the case have been found to have attacked and withdrawn the amounts from Winnipeg and Sherwood Park respectively.