Canada Urged to Appoint Federal Minister of AI and Digital Economy to Boost Global Standing


  • Canada urged to appoint AI minister to boost global standing, tackle lagging adoption, and drive homegrown AI scale-ups.
  • Proposed strategy focuses on accelerating digitalization, investing in Canadian AI, and navigating global AI competition.
  • Key priorities include regulatory agility, fostering innovation, and positioning Canada as a leader in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

In a decisive move aimed at securing Canada’s position in the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence (AI), calls have emerged for the appointment of a dedicated federal minister of AI and the digital economy. With Canada lagging behind its global counterparts in AI adoption, experts argue that strategic action is imperative to harness the nation’s potential in this critical technological frontier.

Canada’s declaration of aspirations to be a global AI leader requires a proactive stance. Advocates argue that a dedicated ministerial position is crucial to driving national strategy and action. While the country boasts world-class achievements in AI research and education, there is a concern about losing the ingenuity cultivated—be it in research and development, intellectual property, or talent.

AI Acceleration: Addressing Lagging Digitalization and Adoption

To bolster Canada’s AI standing, immediate attention is needed to address the issue of lagging digitalization and AI adoption. With productivity declining and AI adoption rates less than half of those in the US, proponents advocate for an accelerated pace of digitalization. The proposed ministerial role should have the authority to lead transformative initiatives, collaborate with the technology sector to modernize government systems, and foster AI adoption in industry.

Investment in homegrown AI scale-ups

Another key focus is driving investment in commercialized “homegrown” AI scale-ups, aiming to create and retain value generated by Canadian technology, intellectual property, and talent. A suggested “AI Made in Canada” strategy calls for allocating a percentage of the federal tech procurement budget to support homegrown AI scale-ups. The ambition is to create conditions for the growth and success of Canadian AI unicorns.

Looking beyond national borders, a global perspective underscores the urgency for Canada to compete in the AI race. With countries like the US, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE investing strategically in AI, experts argue that Canada cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. The proactive creation of a ministerial position aligns with global trends, as exemplified by the UAE, which established a minister of state for AI and digital economy in 2017.

Regulatory agility: Keeping pace with AI evolution

The hyper-evolution of AI presents a regulatory challenge for governments worldwide. The proposed minister of AI and digital economy is expected to drive linkages across various departments to address public policy issues related to AI. From data privacy to cybersecurity and intellectual property, a cohesive approach is deemed essential to developing coherent policies in rapidly evolving digital landscapes.

Canada aims to be a global leader in AI, the establishment of a dedicated ministerial role is viewed as a decisive step. This strategic move aligns with the need to capitalize on the nation’s research and educational strengths, preventing a repeat of historical instances where technological innovation and talent slipped away. By addressing immediate priorities such as lagging digitalization, fostering homegrown AI scale-ups, and ensuring regulatory agility, Canada can position itself as a formidable player in the global AI landscape. The proposed minister of AI and digital economy is seen as the linchpin to propel the nation into a leadership role in this transformative era.

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