Can Phoenix Global Transform CRM and Loyalty Systems?


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Phoenix Global (PHB) is a company that focuses on scaling and meeting customer demands as an exclusively designed decentralized consumer blockchain. The company dedicates its operations towards marketing, consumer data, artificial intelligence, customer experience, CRM, and loyalty to the next generation’s well-being.

Phoenix has already conducted numerous pilot projects that enlist enterprises across various industries and use cases. Of these participants, about 70% are large or government-related organizations, while 30% are SMB’s with less than 200M USD in revenue and under 1000 employees.

How CRMs connect real-world asset prices to the blockchain platform

CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, is a platform that manages and tracks business-related activities. As high-class technology advanced, CRMs were developed to help businesses achieve efficiency by distributing processes and handling simple, time-consuming, and redundant operations. 

These software manage interactions, store business data records, and construct healthy revenue collection systems with the marketing and sales departments.

The best CRMs make the interaction across platforms smooth and personalized, generating conversations bound by trust and loyalty via contact forms, emails, and social media.

The ideology behind the upgrade of Phoenix Global

PHB has seen the demand for enterprise use cases increase dramatically over the last six months. This surge was inspired by countless interactions with potential enterprise partners and pilot users. It motivated the observation of simple initial use cases that can be tested with the least amount of friction.

The six completed enterprise pilots have provided invaluable insights on paving the roadmap to achieving faster enterprise adoption. A variety of real-world use cases showed great promise, such as in consumer data, marketing, finance & accounting, legal, and payments. In general, adoption was slow due to several factors. 

As PHB enterprise systems gain traction, they also prove the phrase “simple is beautiful, small is effective” to be the tenet for future success and accelerating enterprise adoption.

Three ways of transforming CRM and loyalty systems

Phoenix Global offers a set of advanced tools for easy integration with other marketing automation systems. It mainly focuses on the transformation of CRM and Loyalty services in these ways:

Phoenix Oracle

Phoenix Oracle handles various business management activities. It also uses different development procedures to connect real-world asset prices to the blockchain platform. It proceeds with a more detailed framework for loyalty systems via on-chain adapters.

Artificial intelligence

PHB offers superior decision-making techniques, utilizing the Federated Learning approach in machine learning to personalize sensitive datasets for safe procedures. This platform automatically recognizes patterns and signals to facilitate effective marketing interactions.

Building a custom CRM and loyalty system

This feature offers extensive control over high-tech development. It provides existing features with better implementation and reduced costs. It also offers end-to-end management, chipping off unwanted data and extracting the relevant information.


Phoenix Staker currently rewards users from 16% APY to 36% APY. It replaced the existing centralized staking tool with a decentralized staking platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Using Phoenix Oracle helps connect the dApps to external systems for seamless integration and deployment of proprietary integration middleware. This project will launch on its native Hightech blockchain, and it will be bridged to Binance Smart Chain, Solana, NEO, Tron, and other platforms.

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