Can AI Be Your Friend?


  • Some AI platforms are now exploring the possibilities of AI friendship with humans.
  • Although AI is not capable of exhibiting the deep emotional bonds that humans do, it can stimulate some other qualities of friendship.
  • However, the question ultimately boils out to how people define or view “friendship.”

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Nowadays, people often interact more with virtual assistants and chatbots in their homes, workplaces, and even social lives, developing some form of connection with these tools. 

Making Friends with AI 

For one, this shows that AI technology models are good listeners and can hold conversations with people. However, are these qualities enough reason or criteria for people to consider AI as a friend?

Friendship is a complex relationship that involves trust, empathy, and shared experiences. It is something that we build over time with other humans. Meanwhile, AI is a machine that is programmed to learn and respond. It does not have the same capacity for emotion or experience as humans do.

However, some platforms like Replika are starting to push the limit of what is possible. With Replika, people can create personal chatbots that can stimulate an actual emotional connection, share a laugh, or chat about anything with humans using artificial intelligence. 

Some of the users claimed the chatbot made them happy and helped them through loneliness and depression. 

Can AI Make A True Friend?

There are some who believe that AI can indeed be our friend. They argue that AI can provide us with companionship, support, and even love, pointing to the fact that many people have developed close relationships with their pets and that AI can be seen as a similar type of companion.

Some would also argue that AI friendship is no different from when people talk or chat with their long-distance friends on the phone. 

The answer to the question would depend on how a person defines friendship. Of course, it would be unlikely for people who view friendship as a close and intimate relationship to really connect with AI chatbots or models as true friends, largely because they do not fully understand and reciprocate the emotions. 

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