Call for Inclusive AI Convention: A Demand for Comprehensive Regulation


  • Stakeholders demand comprehensive AI regulation.
  • Concerns raised over private sector exemptions in AI Convention.
  • Call for equal AI oversight in public and private sectors.

In a significant move, a coalition of citizens, civil society organizations, and AI experts is urging the European Union and State Parties to ensure that the upcoming Framework Convention on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law comprehensively covers both the public and private sectors. This collective voice aims to prevent any loopholes that could lead to unregulated AI activities, particularly in national security and defense sectors.

Ensuring accountability in AI governance

The draft of the Framework Convention, currently in its final negotiation phase, has raised concerns among various stakeholders. The principal worry is that some negotiating states are advocating for exemptions that could exclude private entities, including major technology companies, from the Convention’s scope. Such exemptions could potentially grant a free pass to these companies, undermining the intended protection of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. 

Critics argue that exempting the private sector, notably Big Tech, from the Convention’s purview could have severe repercussions. AI systems, predominantly provided and utilized by private companies, have far-reaching impacts on individuals and society. The unchecked use of AI could lead to issues such as bias, manipulation, and threats to democratic institutions. 

The stance against blanket exemptions

There is also a strong opposition against blanket exemptions for state activities in national security and defense. Advocates assert that such exemptions are unjustifiable and weaken the safeguards traditionally upheld in international, European, and national law. These areas, often shrouded in secrecy, are where AI systems could have profound implications, necessitating rigorous oversight and transparency. 

The call is for the Convention to equally apply to both public and private sectors, ensuring no entity is above the law when it comes to AI deployment. This approach is seen as vital in maintaining the integrity of human rights and democratic principles in the age of digital technology.

Towards a more democratic AI future

The list of signatories to this call includes notable organizations and individuals, all united in their concern for the ethical use of AI. This list reflects a broad spectrum of expertise and perspectives, from human rights groups to digital policy think tanks, academia, and beyond. Their unified stance sends a clear message about the need for comprehensive AI regulation that does not discriminate between the public and private sectors.

The signatories urge the EU and State Parties to stand firm in their support for a Convention that offers no concessions on fundamental rights and values in the face of technological advancement. They emphasize that the success of the Convention hinges on its ability to provide meaningful protection and accountability, especially given the growing influence and power of AI systems in everyday life.

This movement marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate over AI regulation. The Framework Convention on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law stands at a crossroads, and the decisions made now will shape the trajectory of AI governance for years to come. The world watches as the EU and State Parties determine the path forward, with the hope for a balanced, fair, and inclusive approach to AI regulation.

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