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What is Phoenix Global?

Decentralized applications are powered by smart contracts to drive the exchange of value across participants instead of having a middle party functioning as a central validator to enforce the terms of a contract and ensure compliance.

Blockchain technology and the advent of smart contracts have replaced the central validator with decentralized architecture where all contracts are enforced automatically. What this does is bring operational efficiencies, reducing counterparty risks, and cutting down on costs. 

As a result, the emerging technology has been unique, and its applications across finance, the supply chain, marketing, logistics, and the manufacturing industries have been enormous. Industries are technically and creatively dependent on data to connect blockchain and external data resources to drive their operations. 

Phoenix Global is meant to eliminate this lack of connectivity and serve as a middleware oracle retrieving data from external data feeds into blockchains. The oracle is two-way, which means it can feed the real world with data from blockchains and vice versa. 

The platform has a robust security framework that protects it from a single point of failure, downtime, data manipulation, and supporting multi-layered smart contracts where particular DeFi components can be stored off-chain. 

Business use cases of the Phoenix Global 

Money market platforms 

Money markets can boost operational efficiency by transitioning from the traditionally centralized mechanism to decentralized technology. As such, they can take advantage of smart contracts with borrowing, lending, the yield on assets, and the valuation of working capital. These activities are heavily reliant on data from the forces of demand and supply. 

Phoenix Global, as an oracle, would assist such platforms in deriving data from the real world and provide the valuation of these assets. The result would be a fair and transparent environment where liquidity is optimum, asset prices are affordable, and loans are awarded transparently.

Futures and options 

Exchanges and investment companies offering a future and an option can take advantage of the Phoenix Oracle. Futures and options require price feeds to determine the duration one should hold them and whether or not to liquidate an investment. Data ensures that each contract to a future/option is 100% collateralized at all times. Finally, data drives the funding rate set to perpetually change in the future and maintains a net neutral exposure. 

Stablecoin offerings

Stablecoins are on-chain decentralized tokens tied to the value of a fiat currency in the ratio 1:1. Their main goal is to bridge the gap between the stability of fiat and decentralized technology. Inherently, stablecoins are pegged to a fiat pool usually stored in an off-chain traditional bank which means the stablecoins will likely be overcollateralized by other on-chain cryptocurrencies. For full collateralization, these stablecoins require price data.  


Synthetics are decentralized assets that are pegged to the value of real-world assets. They provide decentralized finance investors with price exposure to the tangible world assets without demanding actual ownership of the assets. Phoenix Global is already in partnership with Horizon Protocol, a DeFi platform for synthetic assets, wherein Oracle provides price feeds to support the native HZN token on the platform. In addition to this, the proprietary Phoenix Oracle will provide various real-world asset price feeds such as:

  • Traditional financial market indices
    • economic indices
    • stock indices
    • volatility indices
  • Equity assets
    • public and private equity of well-known companies
  • Physical assets
    • art, collectibles
  • Datasets of value
    • alternative datasets, proprietary datasets, secured via zero-knowledge proofs 

Automated Asset Management

Using smart contracts is possible for the automatic execution of trading strategies. The only reliable way to enforce automated trading is using an oracle to bridge trading decisions with reliable data. This capability would come in handy for crypto portfolio managers, crypto investment firms, and so on. 


Many businesses and consumers can take advantage of Phoenix Global, and the list is not limited to the ones above. Businesses and developers can use Phoenix Global to build and deploy highly decentralized consumer applications from yield farming, salaries payment, remittance companies, gaming, and NFTs to bonds, and credit default swaps. The platform is scalable, secure, and built with the end-user in mind. 

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