Burberry and Minecraft collaborate to launch a new collection

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  • Burberry and Minecraft started a gaming partnership
  • It aims to bring closer the real and fantasy worlds
  • It also promotes a clean and green environment

The world moved from digital to metaverse within a few years and the future belongs to the metaverse. Gaming is one of the few ways to increase its presence in the world and the Burberry and Minecraft partnership is paving the way for this. The director of Channels Innovation Philip Hennche thinks that it is a “marquee moment” to invest in gaming because “Gaming is a super important channel for us in terms of how we engage our customers,”

Before digging deep into the partnership and collection, you need to know a little bit about Burberry, Minecraft, and their partnership.


Burberry metaverse is inspired by the British fashion house which was established in 1856. The company is now working in the metaverse industry engaging and promoting its wares. According to Burberry’s Global Innovation Director, Rachel Waller, the Metaverse is the “New Frontier of Storytelling” for Brands which aims to engage customers in a unique way.

MinecraftxBurberry collection
MinecraftxBurberry collection


Minecraft is a metaverse game that will allow players to play on any chain in near future. The game aims to give a unique NFT identity to each player and visualize the game by adding a variety of animations and scenes. There would be a city called SkyCity in which different people would play the game with each other.  Minecraft is considered to be one of the most advanced games in the metaverse universe.

Minecraft has more than 140 million active players. These players are present on 20 different platforms.

The partnership between Burberry and Minecraft

This is not the first time that Burberry has partnered with a gaming franchise. It has many other partners in the industry, starting from B bounce (2019), B Surf (2020), in-game NFT collection (2021), and then the second one in July 2022.

MinecraftxBurberry sidebyside1
MinecraftxBurberry sidebyside1

On 1st November 2022, Burberry and Minecraft launched a new adventure in the gaming world that aims to increase the customers of Burberry and make more people aware of the metaverse. The game, Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond, is a four-round game that will be played in a virtual London city. The players will have to wear different brands of Burberry for gaming experiences.

Bringing closer the digital and physical world

The virtual world of Burberry is accessible through Minecraft Marketplace. The partnership will bring closer the physical and digital worlds. In a market where you buy the physical collection, you will see scenes of playing games through a screen on different walls and floors.

Additionally, in-game, there are 15 different free skins available for users to download. All of their designs are inspired by Burberry’s iconic looks. The Minecraft designers have added more aesthetic potential to these designs attracting more customers through gaming.

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Similarly¸ to bridge the gap between reality and fantasy, Burberry will release a filter special on Instagram and emojis and effects on a video-sharing platform Bilibili.

Helping environment

The game is set in a natural world where players have to encounter different challenges and interact with different animals. Through this, the game aims to escalate the wonders of nature. Additionally, to protect nature, Burberry and Minecraft will donate enough money to protect more than 525,000 trees through different means.

This initiative will not only protect the environment but will also help to conserve the life of many wildlife species.

How to find ‘Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond’?

You can download the 15 free in-game styles from Minecraft Marketplace from 10 am (PST) and 5 am (GMT) on 1st November. The game will be first available to the Burberry subscribers and then to all.

The capsule will be available on the official website Burberry.com and seven other global stores i.e. Spring Street, New York; Shenzhen Bay, China; Regent Street, London; Omotesando, Tokyo; Seoul Cheongdam, Korea; 101 Taipei, Taiwan Area, China; and Siam Paragon, Thailand.

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