BTT price analysis 28 May 2019; The all-time high is not the end

BitTorrent is the new hope of crypto traders just entering the market. Within a stretch of just a couple of days, it managed to reach more than 37% increase and is on a trajectory to continue its surge towards a possible $0.01 price point by the end of summer.

Currently, the coin is being traded at $0.00173 price point with a market capitalization of $374 million. There is no real reason why the coin would stop at the moment. Just looking at the chart shows us that it’s relatively immune to the ramifications of the bitcoin market and has gone through the past 2 weeks of bull and bear switches unscathed.

The chart tells us that the coin is has gained 94% within the month of May and the TRON project has even addressed this. The coin is the second largest growing cryptocurrency in the market right now.

BTT price chart

BTT chart by Trading View

The most important price to reach right now is $0.002, which shouldn’t be too far away for the coin. Overall, the short term prediction for BTT is as positive as ever, as it’s expected to be pumped up to at least $0.0022 by the end of the week if it survives the Wednesday bear market.

But as I’ve already mentioned, the coin is relatively immune to the Bitcoin market sentiment so it should be able to push through the bear. But it will most likely retrace back to around $0.0013 if the bull fails by the end of tomorrow.

But what will happen to the coin in 2020? The year that every crypto investor can’t wait for? Will it grow to unimaginable proportions or will it scrape the bottom of every chart?

Well, seeing how it managed such a large surge of 94% within a single month, it’s expected that the coin can rival TRON in the near future. As long as TRX develops its platform for crypto games in the future BTT is sure to follow suit.

he $1 price point is realistic as long as TRX surpasses it as well. By the end of 2020, BTT holders can easily expect a price 500 times larger than today.