BSI Releases World’s First International AI Safety Guideline


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  • British Standards Institution unveils global AI safety guide, aiding responsible AI use and management for businesses worldwide.
  • BSI’s CEO emphasizes trust as critical for AI’s positive impact, highlighting the importance of safe integration across society.
  • In the absence of a regulatory framework, BSI’s international standard addresses key risks, ensuring innovation aligns with best practices.

In a groundbreaking move, the British Standards Institution (BSI) has unveiled the world’s inaugural international guideline on artificial intelligence (AI) safety. The comprehensive guide aims to empower organizations to establish and enhance AI management systems with robust safeguards, ensuring responsible development and utilization of AI tools. This release comes at a crucial juncture in the global discourse on regulating AI, spotlighted by the recent proliferation of generative AI tools, including ChatGPT.

Guiding principles for responsible AI management

The BSI’s international AI safety guideline is a pioneering document that offers valuable insights into the establishment and improvement of AI management systems. The focus is squarely on incorporating proper safeguards, providing businesses with advice on responsible AI development, and ensuring ethical usage of AI tools. Susan Taylor Martin, the CEO of BSI, emphasizes the critical role of trust in harnessing AI as a force for good. The guideline represents a significant step forward in enabling organizations to responsibly manage AI technology and leverage its potential for advancing towards a sustainable future.

BSI’s commitment to safe and trusted AI integration

Susan Taylor Martin, BSI’s Chief Executive, underlines the transformational nature of AI technology and emphasizes the importance of trust in its responsible deployment. She states, “For it to be a powerful force for good, trust is critical.” BSI takes pride in spearheading efforts to ensure the safe and trusted integration of AI across society. The release of the first international AI management system standard is positioned as a crucial milestone in achieving this goal.

Scott Steedman, BSI’s Director General for Standards, notes that despite the widespread use of AI technologies in the UK, there is a lack of an established regulatory framework. In response to the growing demand for guidelines and guardrails, BSI introduces the international management standard for the use of AI technologies. This standard is designed to assist companies in embedding safe and responsible AI practices into their products and services.

Balancing innovation with best practices

In a rapidly evolving landscape where AI technologies are becoming ubiquitous, BSI recognizes the need to address key risks, accountabilities, and safeguards. The guidelines outlined in the international AI management standard seek to strike a balance between innovation and best practices. By focusing on critical aspects, including discrimination, safety blind spots, and privacy concerns, the standard aims to instill confidence among consumers and industries alike.

The deployment of AI extends across various sectors, with applications ranging from medical diagnoses to self-driving cars and digital assistants. BSI acknowledges the significance of ensuring that the race to develop these technologies does not compromise on issues such as discrimination, safety oversights, or privacy infringement. The guidelines for business leaders, as per the new AI standard, are geared towards upholding a high standard of innovation while emphasizing responsible practices.

A Milestone in AI Regulation

The release of the world’s first international AI safety guideline by the British Standards Institution marks a significant milestone in the ongoing discourse surrounding AI regulation. As AI continues to shape the future, the importance of establishing responsible practices cannot be overstated. BSI’s commitment to providing clear guidelines and standards reflects the industry’s dedication to ensuring that AI serves as a force for good, fostering trust and innovation while mitigating potential risks.

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