BRICS targets $5 billion in exports for 2024


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  • BRICS aims for $5 billion in exports by 2024, challenging the US dollar’s global dominance.
  • In 2022, China led the export race with $3.6 billion, significantly ahead of the US’s $2 billion.
  • The bloc’s focus in 2023 was on de-dollarization, indicating a shift in global economic strategies.

The BRICS bloc, a robust economic alliance, is on a steadfast march towards a landmark target of $5 billion in exports for 2024, a move that might rattle the US dollar’s dominance. This goal is not just a number; it’s a chess move in the intricate game of global economics. With the backdrop of ongoing de-dollarization efforts, BRICS’ rising export ambitions are more than just a fiscal target; they’re a clear signal of shifting economic tides.

Economic Shakeup: Beyond Dollars and Cents

In 2022, China blazed the trail, amassing an impressive $3.6 billion in exports according to Statista, dwarfing the United States’ $2 billion and laying the groundwork for a new economic order. Russia, India, and the United Arab Emirates, also part of the top 20 export nations, have been pivotal in this economic renaissance. This narrative isn’t just about numbers; it’s a story of geopolitical shifts and new alliances.

The year 2023 was a testament to BRICS’ commitment to reshaping the global economic landscape. The bloc embraced de-dollarization, a bold move that diverged from traditional economic doctrines. Now, as we step into 2024, these initiatives are not just continuing; they are evolving, challenging the longstanding financial status quo.

The Ripple Effect: A New Economic Frontier

The BRICS expansion is not merely an increase in numbers; it’s a strategic enlargement encompassing nations like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Officially kicking off this year, these countries have not only pledged their cooperation but have aligned with the alliance’s core principle of promoting local currencies – a direct challenge to the dollar’s reign.

Contrary to some skeptical views, this expansion is not a mere blip on the economic radar. It’s a well-orchestrated move towards a multipolar financial world. The US, while still a dominant export nation, is now playing a catch-up game with China, a reality that’s reshaping global trade dynamics.

US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s recent remarks underscore the gravity of the situation. Ramaswamy, without mincing words, labeled the potential BRICS common currency a significant challenge for the US. He pointed out that the rise of a BRICS currency could spell higher borrowing costs for the US, a nation already grappling with substantial debt.

Ramaswamy’s solution? Not to suppress this emerging currency, but to bolster the dollar’s value by anchoring it to hard commodities and ensuring the Federal Reserve focuses singularly on dollar stability. It’s a classic case of if you can’t beat them, strengthen your own defenses.

The growing clout of the BRICS currency and the burgeoning distrust in the US dollar are not to be taken lightly. They are signs of a global economic shift that’s gaining momentum. With the expansion of the bloc and updates on BRICS currency and payment services on the horizon, Ramaswamy’s call for proactive measures is more than just political rhetoric; it’s a wake-up call.

In sum, the BRICS target of $5 billion in exports for 2024 is more than a fiscal goal; it’s a strategic maneuver in the grand chessboard of global economics. It’s a move that signals not just the growth of an alliance but the evolution of a new economic order. This isn’t just about exports; it’s about the dawn of a new era in global finance, one where the dollar’s supremacy is no longer a given. The question now is not if, but how the world will adapt to this new economic reality.

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