Are Brands Losing Touch? Navigating Human Connections Amidst AI Content


  • Authenticity beats automation: Real connections drive engagement.
  • Expertise enriches content: Human touch resonates deeper.
  • Multimedia deepens connection: Video amplifies storytelling impact.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of content creation dominated by AI, establishing genuine human connections has become paramount for brands. Amidst the allure of automation, users yearn for authenticity and relatability, seeking real human experiences and opinions. 

Navigating the AI-human balance

In a departure from the traditional focus on search volume, brands must now prioritize understanding their audience deeply. By delving into user research and insights gleaned from sales and support interactions, brands can tailor content to address real customer needs and pain points. 

This shift from quantity to quality ensures that content aligns closely with the user journey, fostering meaningful engagement.

Harnessing Internal Expertise: Elevating Authenticity Through Genuine Knowledge

Collaborating with internal experts serves as a cornerstone for authentic content creation. 

By tapping into the rich expertise within the organization, brands can produce content that resonates with authority and authenticity. Utilizing ghostwriters to translate expert insights into engaging content ensures that the human element remains at the forefront, fostering trust and credibility.

Balancing brand personality with multimedia storytelling

Crafting an Authentic Point of View: Balancing Brand Voice with Personal Expression

While maintaining a consistent brand voice is essential, allowing individual authors’ personalities to shine through adds depth and resonance to content. 

Encouraging authors to infuse their unique perspectives and experiences fosters authenticity and connection. By incorporating personal anecdotes and opinions, brands can create content that stands out amidst the sea of generic offerings, establishing a genuine rapport with audiences.

Video boosts human connection in multimedia strategy

Incorporating personal videos into top-performing articles enhances engagement and fosters a deeper connection with audiences. By repurposing written content into video format, brands offer a more immersive and engaging experience. 

Leveraging AI for script generation and video editing streamlines the production process, enabling brands to enrich their content offerings and resonate with diverse audience preferences.

Empowering employees as brand advocates cultivates authenticity and trust within the digital sphere. By encouraging internal experts to share content on their personal platforms, brands amplify their reach and credibility. 

Providing support and incentives, such as social media workshops and recognition, fosters a culture of engagement and collaboration, further strengthening the human connection between brands and audiences.

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