Botany Manor Puzzle Game Joins Xbox Game Pass Lineup


  • Botany Manor puzzle game joins Xbox Game Pass for wider access.
  • Whitethorn Games and Xbox unite for inclusive gaming with Botany Manor.
  • Game Pass broadens indie game exposure, including Botany Manor, risk-free.

Balloon Studios’ highly anticipated puzzle game, Botany Manor, is set to debut on Xbox Game Pass, bringing its captivating blend of beauty and accessibility to a wider audience. Developed by Laure De Mey and published by Whitethorn Games, Botany Manor’s inclusion in the Game Pass library reflects a strategic partnership to promote inclusivity and expand gaming horizons.

Inclusive partnership with Xbox

Whitethorn Games CEO Matthew White highlighted the shared values between his company and Xbox, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to enjoy gaming. The collaboration with Xbox on previous titles laid the groundwork for Botany Manor’s arrival on Game Pass. According to White, Botany Manor’s allure lies in its aesthetic charm, relaxed atmosphere, and accessibility features, making it a seamless fit for the diverse range of titles Xbox Game Pass offers.

Laure De Mey, the founder of Balloon Studios, expressed enthusiasm for Botany Manor’s inclusion in the Game Pass lineup, citing it as a significant validation for the game’s appeal. De Mey emphasized the benefits of reaching a broader audience and enabling players from all backgrounds to discover and immerse themselves in the game’s experience. The exposure provided by Game Pass offers indie developers like Balloon Studios a platform to showcase their creativity and engage with players who may not have otherwise encountered their work.

Game Pass: A gateway to discovery

De Mey praised Game Pass for facilitating game discovery and experimentation, particularly for smaller indie titles. The subscription model allows players to explore various games without financial risk, encouraging them to venture beyond their usual preferences and discover hidden gems. With no obligation to commit to a purchase, players can freely sample various titles and expand their gaming horizons, fostering a culture of exploration and creativity within the gaming community.

Botany Manor’s imminent arrival on Xbox Game Pass heralds an exciting chapter for both Balloon Studios and Whitethorn Games, marking a milestone in their commitment to inclusive gaming experiences. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, partnerships between developers and platforms like Xbox Game Pass catalyze innovation and accessibility, ensuring that captivating titles like Botany Manor find their rightful place among the diverse games available to players worldwide. With its enchanting visuals, engaging puzzles, and relaxed gameplay, Botany Manor promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the vibrant world of gaming.

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