Boss Protocol launches Dead by Daylight Pinhead NFT, fans are displeased

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• Dead By Daylight will be a common NFT, so it will not bring the news that the public asks for.
• Many gamers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the NFT.

A recent announcement from PC Gamer will allow Dead By Daylight game fans to purchase Pinhead NFT tokens. However, gamers are not happy with the news.

The Boss Protocol company claims that the NFTs come from their company and are licensed to create these virtual parts. Also, the NFTs focus on Hellraiser and can use the different models to develop the game.

Boss Protocol has announced that Pinhead’s NFT piece will release no additional or relevant content through its official website. They also claimed that some NFTs could unlock access to Hellraiser collectibles.

These Hellraiser collectibles will grant their owners the right to store other non-expendable parts, such as Lament’s trim box.

Enthusiasts can get the NFTs for the Dead By Daylight video game

Dead By Daylight

Boss Protocol has hinted this NFT will belong to a one-time auction limited to 10,000 NFT pieces. Pinhead to the crypto world will be a rare model designed for fans of this game.

An NFT belongs to the virtual pieces used to access the blockchain world with which the user can possess artworks or images online.

The FAQ on the Boss Protocol website suggests that players who get the NFT will come with a replica in Hellraiser DLC. Players who obtain their NFT will enter the quality content, but it is unrelated to this video game. Players who own Pinhead NTF can also see the character in other games in development.

Players criticize this decision

Dead By Daylight fans disagree with the NFT and have criticized it. Many claim that people do not have a defined range of property when buying one virtual piece. They also criticize how damaging the creation of these non-expendable parts can be.

But players have commented that scams can arise from the NFT parts sale, which is a problem for their security. They claim this NFT project has little clarity and that Behavior Interactive, the video game programmer, should have been more explicit about the project.

For players, Behavior Interactive had to improve the information before launch and put the character as a non-expendable.

Boss Protocol wanted to offer their FAQs to clarify their doubts and the study also tweeted on the subject. They have commented that all players can purchase Dead By Daylight NFT and have indicated there will be no exclusive content to unlock.

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