Top 10 Tech Books of 2023: A Year of Chaos and Insight


  • Top tech books of 2023 offer deep dives into AI, cryptocurrency, and the ever-evolving internet landscape.
  • Through these insightful reads, Discover Silicon Valley’s hidden truths and technology’s impact on society.
  • From facial recognition to the future of money, these books explore the chaos and complexity of the tech world in 2023.

Tech enthusiasts and bookworms rejoice as 2023 unveils a tumultuous year in the world of technology. Amidst the chaos and controversies, many insightful books emerged, offering a deeper understanding of the tech landscape’s social impact and unexamined histories.

The big-picture books

Doppelganger by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein’s “Doppelganger” delves into the fractures of our shared reality, aptly termed the “Mirror World,” where online personas diverge from their offline counterparts. It explores the rise of personal branding, the encroachment of big tech, and how political operators exploit the ensuing unease and paranoia. Klein paints a vivid picture of our technologized political predicament, making it a must-read for those seeking to understand today’s chaos.

Palo Alto by Malcolm Harris

For a comprehensive and incendiary history of Silicon Valley, “Palo Alto” by Malcolm Harris is the go-to choice. Harris, a native of the Valley, unearths the politics beneath the surface, exposing the mechanisms governing tech giants and the pursuit of defense contracts that drive innovation. This critical examination will forever change your perspective on Stanford, tech companies like Hewlett Packard, and the Valley itself.

The AI books

Your Face Belongs to Us by Kashmir Hill

Kashmir Hill’s “Your Face Belongs to Us” is a riveting nonfiction account of her quest to uncover Clearview AI, a startup with grand promises to revolutionize privacy through facial recognition technology. Beyond cyberpunk allure, Hill explores the origins of facial recognition and its sordid history. As facial recognition technology continues to raise ethical questions, Hill’s work provides essential insights into its broader context.

Unmasking AI by Joy Buolamwini

While 2023 brought grand debates about AI’s impact on humanity, Joy Buolamwini’s “Unmasking AI” goes beyond the surface. This memoir follows the MIT computer scientist’s journey to investigate racial bias and discrimination within AI systems, particularly those that tech giants propagate. It’s a compelling starting point for anyone seeking to understand the fight against AI-induced inequity.

The Bitcoin Books

Number Go Up by Zeke Faux

“Number Go Up” by Zeke Faux offers a globe-trotting adventure through the world of financial malfeasance and blockchain scams, all while dissecting the overinflated promises of Bitcoin. Faux’s scathing yet entertaining exploration takes readers to the Global South, where the fallout of Bitcoin’s failures has profound real-world consequences.

Easy Money by Jacob Silverman and Ben McKenzie

“Easy Money” delves even deeper into the subjects explored in “Number Go Up,” providing a detailed examination of the Bitcoin landscape. With a focus on the darker aspects, it lingers on the intricacies of cryptocurrency, all while maintaining its wit and scathing tone.

Tokens by Rachel O’Dwyer

Rachel O’Dwyer’s “Tokens” offers a critical and historical perspective on the foundational concept of cryptocurrency—tokens. This book serves as a much-needed field guide to understanding the digital future of money. In a world increasingly shaped by cryptocurrencies, “Tokens” provides the insights necessary to navigate this new landscape.

The future-of-the-internet books

Selling the American People by Lee McGuigan

Lee McGuigan’s “Selling the American People” shines a light on adtech’s underappreciated role in shaping the internet. It explores how the advertising industry’s quest for maximally effective ads has molded the digital realm. McGuigan’s compelling narrative is a call to reclaim control over our online public spaces, highlighting the perils of letting advertisers dictate the digital landscape.

The Internet Con by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow’s “The Internet Con” delves into the consequences of tech monopolies controlling entire platforms. He emphasizes the importance of interoperability, allowing different social networks and web infrastructures to communicate rather than locking users into individual platforms. This pithy and persuasive book offers a solution to the challenges posed by tech giants.

Speculative fiction bonus round

Chain Gang All Stars by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, Wrong Way by Joanne McNeil, After World by Debbie Urbanski, The Ascension by Nicholas Binge

While not strictly “tech” books, these speculative works explore the future’s deep resonances with our present. These science fiction works offer unique perspectives on the evolving tech-driven world and are excellent choices for those seeking a dose of speculative fiction during the holidays.

Bonus Bonus Round

Optimal Illusions by Coco Krumme, Disrupting D.C. by Katie J. Wells, Kafui Attoh, and Declan Cullen, Against Techno-Ableism by Ashley Shew, Own This! by R. Trebor Scholz, Making a Metaverse That Matters by Wagner James Au

Several noteworthy books couldn’t make it onto the main list but deserve a mention. “Optimal Illusions” explores the pursuit of optimization, while “Disrupting D.C.” provides valuable insights into Uber’s conquest of cities. Additionally, “Against Techno-Ableism,” “Own This!,” and “Making a Metaverse That Matters” offer diverse perspectives on technology’s role in shaping our future.

In 2023, amid the chaos of the tech world, these books stand out as essential reads, offering readers a deeper understanding of technology’s impact on society, AI’s complexities, the cryptocurrency landscape, and the future of the internet. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a scholar, or simply curious about the digital age, these books provide valuable insights and food for thought in a rapidly evolving world.

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